How to Make a Mailbox with Your Hands

Each type of a house or an apartment has its own unique address that receives various letters and telegrams in due time. To ensure that your correspondence does not spread everywhere around, you need to competently equip your postal device. Usually, such a product can be purchased in a construction shop: the prices are affordable, and the choice of material is diverse. However, many people prefer custom mailboxes made by their own hands - DIY style.

Types of Mailboxes

In order for your awesome mailbox not to stick out in the overall picture of the house, you need to properly pick up its design and size, as well as determine the place where you will install it.

It is necessary to take into account the availability and convenience to receive letters as well. When choosing a box, you need to decide how you will use it: whether it will be a decorative element or a working one for letters.

There are several basic types of mailboxes:

  • Traditional
  • American
  • English
Types of mailboxex

If you don't know how to make a mailbox by yourself, the traditional type is perfect for you. The name of the traditional mailboxes speaks for itself: it is the easiest and most comfortable kind which is made of handmade building material - cardboard, plastic, wood, metal - and have the most unusual shapes.

American mailboxes are very similar to traditional, but they have one feature that helps to find out if mail is in the box. In private areas of the U.S., the postman himself raises a special flag that indicates the receipt of mail.

The English type is very different from the two previous ones. It is most often made of a metal pipe. Correspondingly, it has special doors and an opening for letters. After that, it is painted, decorated with unique pictures, and installed as a cabinet.

There are special, unique and unusual types of mailboxes. They are made independently not only from improvised means but also from any unnecessary materials. So, by means of a usual plastic bottle, it is possible to make an excellent box for your mail. The main thing is that the bottle was large, ideally starting with 5 liters (1.3 gallons). Such material will not leak or get wet which ensures the dryness of your mail. And if the box is well decorated with a decorative material, it will easily replace the one from any store.

According to, you can make a mailbox from slats or rails with your own hands. You will need a hammer and a saw. With precise calculation and proper drawing, the manufacturing of such a mailbox won't take much time at all. The main thing is not to forget to fix a waterproof material on top of the box to keep the mail safe.

It is much harder to make a DIY metal mailbox. The welder (or tinsmith) skills will be required. When creating a mailbox for letters made of thick metal, you will definitely need a welding machine. And to decorate the product will require tools to work the metal. The thick metal is usually used to make forged postal accessories that look very elegant.

Tin homemade box for letters is a little easier to make. Nevertheless, the skills of a tinsmith will help a lot in such production. Normally, this type is not particularly decorated, unless you want to apply paint in some unusual way.

Home Manufacturing

You can watch a special master class on how to make a mailbox of wood with your own hands on YouTube. However, there are certain subtleties of such work.

Home Manufacturing

To begin with, you need to decide which tools and materials you need. The basic materials include:

  • Plywood and wooden bars
  • Nails or self-tapping screws
  • A hammer or a screwdriver
  • A good quality track saw or wood saw

You can choose the material, size, shape, and color of a mailbox. Once everything has been assembled, you can start making a drawing or search the Internet for it. Initially, on all the drawings a box is made, and only then the cover and the bottom is installed. The main thing is not to forget about the hole for the mail. It should be marked and done before fixing the cover to make it convenient to process it on both sides.

Once the product is ready, you can proceed to its decoration. And there is no limit to decorating mailboxes. You can use everything that is capable of your ingenuity and imagination. Any color of paint, decor elements, building accessories - anything possible. There were cases when mailboxes were decorated with toys and dolls. Fans of bright lights can decorate them with light bulbs etc.

Installation Features

So, when your invention is ready to use, you need to think about mounting it. A mailbox is best placed on a fence. It can be mounted both from the outside and inside, but don't forget to make a hole in the fence when mounting from the inside. This is the most viable option, but it is worth remembering that the box should be clearly visible not only during the day but in the evening as well.

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