How to Keep Your Lawn Safe: Efficient Care Tips

Your lawn needs many things to stay healthy, beautiful, and safe. Proper watering and grass cutting should be also followed by a set of care routines that include sweeping, weed cleaning, etc.

What Are the Dangerous Signs?

If you notice bald spots, trampling, grass color change, it’s time to think about choosing a quality lawn sweeper, a new lawn mower, rakes, or weed killers.

1. Bald Spots

bald spots

Bald patches on the lawn are the areas of grassy cover where the grass turns yellow, dries up, or completely disappears, exposing the soil.

The reasons:

  • Overseeding of low-quality lawn grass with poor germination (in case bald spots appear after winter)
  • Improper preparation of the territory for sowing (insufficient quality of the soil or, conversely, too deep digging, poor loosening, lack of fertilizers, dressing)
  • A period of drought or rains, which causes the death of grown stems, and the worse germination of seeds
  • Stagnation of moisture on the lawn (the surface is uneven or there is no drainage)

To eliminate bald spots, determine the reason for their appearance. If this is stagnation of moisture, improper digging, or lack of fertilizers, the first thing you have to do is to eliminate the main problem, and then try to change the lawn mixture.

2. Trampling


Trampling causes leaving footprints on the grass even when barefoot.

The reasons:

  • Lack of watering causes fading of the stems and lack of elasticity
  • The too rapid growth of the grass, that makes the stems fragile and weakened. It’s also associated with the excess nitrogen in the soil

To increase the resistance of the lawn to trampling, it is recommended to provide your lawn with regular and even watering. With the excess of nitrogen, fertilizers containing it cease to be applied to the soil for a while, and then they are used in smaller quantities.

3. Colour Change

Colour Change

If the lawn darkens and even becomes bluish, the problem is in the high acidity of the soil and the lack of organic fertilizer often accompanied by copper deficiency. The grass becomes dark and stale if the roots don’t get enough oxygen. In these cases, in addition to applying organic fertilizers, it is recommended to provide aeration of the soil.

If the lawn turns yellow, and the grass partially dies, aeration is also needed in different directions. Also, don’t forget to apply a quick-acting top dressing for the lawn to recover.

4. Pests


The main "enemies" of the lawn are:


To reduce the number of earthworms, the cut grass should be removed immediately from the lawn. Also, increase the acidity of the soil using ammonium sulfate, and process the surface of the lawn with peat.

Insect larvae

If you notice that the growth of the lawn slows down, it turns yellow or brown, you should check whether there are larvae in the soil. Try using insecticides for quick and easy cleaning of the grass. Don’t forget to consult the specialist about which ingredients are best to use and how much insecticide should be applied.


Moles can be eliminated using various means (ultrasound, traps, acrid smoke, etc.). It is better to prevent the problem by laying a net over the entire area of the lawns when preparing the soil. Moles eat earthworms, so it is advisable to make sure that your lawn isn’t infested.


They can destroy crops by pecking seeds from the soil, due to which the germination of the grass mixture will be low. If a large area is planted, the seed mixture can be treated with a special repellent.


Ants carry seeds from newly sown plots, move in the upper layer of soil, but most of all, the mounds of earth that they pour during the construction of anthills spoil the appearance of the lawn. In addition, ants contribute to the settlement of aphids on flower beds, shrubs, and trees near the lawn.

Fighting ants is difficult. The chemicals sold in stores are not always effective. However, you can try calling specialists if you have an ant infestation on your lawn.

5. Fungal Diseases of The Lawn

Fungal Diseases of The Lawn

Fungus-caused diseases of the lawn are especially dangerous. They reproduce by spores that are easily carried by the wind. And if your neighbors dealt with a fungus-caused lawn disease recently, get ready to fight the sore.

How to deal with fungal diseases if they are so dangerous? Let's look at each case separately.


Fusarium is a fungal disease that looks like snow, and it is also called "snow mold." It appears in the spring after the snow melts and affects the lawn with white or pink spots, which can turn into a continuous cover if the lawn is left untreated. Treatment of fusarium implies radical measures including not only spraying with a fungicide but also the complete removal of the sod layer, followed by sowing the grass

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is known to gardeners primarily as a disease that affects fruit shrubs, though it can also occur on the lawn. It’s usually caused by an excess of nitrogen in the soil and a large amount of moisture. It may also happen in shady areas and lowlands. To get rid of powdery mildew, you need to completely stop fertilizing and treat the land with a fungicide


Reddishness is a fungal disease of an unkempt lawn. The tips of the leaves of the herbs begin to turn pink due to fungal spores. For treatment, simply feed the lawn and comb out the dry grass regularly

Lawn Diseases and Their Control

Of course, this is not the whole list of the diseases that arise on the lawn, it is rather a peak of the iceberg. To know exactly what you’re dealing with, it is better to take a sample and show it to the phytopathologists. Most often, the lawn gets sick in the off-season. Warm days give way to cold nights with frost, which is harmful to the delicate grass.

The best treatment of any lawn disease is prevention. Proper and conscientious maintenance is the key to a healthy lawn. Watering, regular cutting, sweeping, and feeding the lawn are necessary for keeping a shiny, smooth, and clear grass cover.

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