5 Tips on How to Dispose of Mattress

Disposing of old electronics or furniture that are no longer in use comes almost automatically. But how many times have we sought to know how to dispose of mattress? The excitement of having a new mattress often shadows us from caring about what happens to the old ones.

We must admit that mattresses are one of those things that don’t go away easily. The major reason being their bulk nature which makes recycling and re-usage difficult.

With a mattress, you can’t just toss it to the curb in the hope that someone will pick it up. More so, the idea of throwing it to the dumb is also not appealing either. In the pursuit of finding an appropriate means of disposing of mattresses, it is important to settle for a means that is environmentally friendly.

It is estimated that 20 million mattresses are dumped into landfills every year which creates a hazardous environment for the residents who live near these landfills. It also poses a danger to the people who work in the landfills since the bulky mattresses are highly flammable.


Tips on How to Dispose of Mattress

If you are wondering how to easily and efficiently dispose of your mattress, here are a few tips:

1. Donate


There are numerous charity and local non-profit organizations that would be thrilled to have your old mattress. However, before settling for this option, make sure that your mattress is in good condition.

Remember that with extended usage, mattress usually collect body seat, dust mites, dead skin, and stains among other debris. Thus, in as much as you would wish to donate it, not all charity organizations will be willing to accept a worn out mattress regardless of whether it has been cleaned thoroughly.

Check the health department regulations in your area to know if the targeted charity can take your used mattress. Some of the recommendable non-profit organizations include; The Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Furniture Bank Association of America and Good Will Industries. If you can’t access these organizations, you still have the option to check local churches, furniture banks, and homeless shelters.

Some charities offer to pick up services while others don’t.

So you need to check on that too.

2. Recycle


If your mattress is not fit for donation, then recycling is another reliable way to get rid of it. There are various recycling centers both in your neighborhood and online that offer recycling services. Under this option, you can either decide to contact a recycling company or break down the mattress on your own and assemble the parts that can be reused.

The various material used to make mattresses such as steel, cotton, steel and polyurethane foam are recyclable. Approximately 85-95% of mattresses can be recycled. If you are not sure if there are any recycle facilities in your area, you can use sites such as; Earth 911, Sleep On Latex and Bye-Bye Mattress.

You can also simply Google "Mattress Recycling in..." in your area. In most cases, you will have to pay a specific fee for recycling your old mattress. When you personally transport your mattress to the recycling center, you will be charged approximately $10-$20 and $20-$40 if you request pick up services from your home. 

The second option is to break down the mattress yourself. As long as you have the time, tools and space, this will be a convenient technique. Materials such as steel springs, stuffing, and wood frame can be reused. You will need a sharp knife to cut around the perimeter of the mattress, and a saw to cut up the frame.

The frame can be turned into wood chips while as you can sell the box springs as scrap.  You can also reuse the polyurethane foam for carpeting, pet bedding, and for car seat cushions.

3. Repurpose


If you have bought a new mattress and you are wondering how to dispose of the older mattress, reusing is another option. For example, you can use it in the guest room or play space. Those that are not in perfect shape can be used to craft a comfy bed and stuffed animal filler for pets such as dogs and cats.

Other materials from the mattress can also be repurposed. For instance, you can use the springs for art and crafts. The memory foam padding can be used for household items such as pillows, chair cushions, bean bags and dishwashing sponges.

The upholstery fabric of an old mattress can be used to make throwaway rugs for your garage, shed or foyer.

4. Return to the Manufacturer

Return to the Manufacturer

Some manufacturers offer the option of returning used mattresses. You can ask your dealer if they can take back your used mattress. Other sellers have a warranty that offers complimentary buy-back or disposal services. Check your warranty before disposing of your old mattress.

5. Resell 


You can resell your used mattress at a lower price as long as it is still in good shape and does not have bedbugs. Some websites such as Craiglist and FreeCycle.org gives you a platform where you can sell your mattress for free. You can also decide to offer it to animal rescue organizations.


On the quest for determining how to dispose of mattresses, it is important to avoid polluting the environment in the process. Mattress disposal need not be hectic since the outlined tips are practical and easy.

Most manufacturers offer up to 15 years warranty which could mean that they are confident that the material used to make them is long lasting. To reduce the need for disposing of a mattress, it is advisable to take care of it properly. This can be achieved by rotating and flipping the new mattress after every two weeks during the first six months and every three months after that. Avoid bending or jumping on it and always keep liquids away from the bed.

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