How to Deep – Clean Every Room in Your House

Everyone should keep their house clean and tidy. It is a part of our daily hygiene. Cleaning is such a thing that you cannot skip even for a day. Once the dirt starts piling up, you will have difficulty cleaning it all together. Apart from regular dusting and mopping, deep cleaning each room is also essential for your house.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Every Room?

A clean house gives us positive energy and keeps us healthy. If you are wondering why you should deep clean all your rooms, here are some primary reasons;

  • Regular cleaning only removes the surface dirt from your house. For the hidden and deep-rooted germs, you must deep clean your rooms
  • Deep cleaning will make your house 100% germ and dirt-proof
  • After deep cleaning, your house will stay clean for several weeks. There is no need to deep cleaning your rooms now and then

So, deep clean your house each month and make your living environment healthier.

How Can We Deep Clean Our House?

Deep cleaning is essential even for the tidiest house. The process can be overwhelming if you have piled up your work for the weekend. So, you must break your task into small parts and make a cleaning plan. You should start cleaning each room separately and follow your plan. Here, the best guide is provided that will help you to clean all your rooms separately.

1. Cleaning The Bedroom

Cleaning the bedroom

We spend most of our lazy hours in the bedroom. As a result, our beds get dirty quickly. To deep clean the bedroom, you must remove all the bedsheets and pillow covers and wash them thoroughly. Use baking soda to remove any deep stains or spots of oil. Wash all your curtains and dust all windows. Another important part is, cleaning your closet. Remove all used clothes from the closet and keep them separately for washing. Re-arrange all your clothes and organize them according to their type. Cleaning the floor and mattress is another essential task.

2. Cleaning The Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen

Keeping our kitchens clean is a must as we make our food there. For deep cleaning the kitchen, you must start with cleaning all the kitchen appliances thoroughly. The fridge is one of the primary kitchen appliances. Turn it off and make it empty before you start cleaning. You can also move your appliances from the wall and clean their surroundings. 

Apart from the appliances, it would help if you clean all the kitchen shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Place a paper on the surface of your shelves so that the paper catches all the dirt. In the future, you just need to change the paper, and you are done. Deep clean all your kitchen utensils as well. 

Another part of the kitchen is the kitchen countertop. You can remove everything from the top and clean it spotlessly. Apart from all these, you must not forget to clean the kitchen sink.

3. Cleaning The Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom

Our bathrooms get dirty very easily because these are one of the wet areas of our house. Once you start leaving your bathroom dirty, pests start breeding there and cleaning all becomes tedious. So, clean your shower curtains neatly and use vinegar to wash your shower and other tap openings. 

If you have mirrors and cabinets in your bathroom, declutter them and wipe them with a wet tissue. Deep clean your sink with detergent and check if the under-sink area is tidy. Make sure the drainage system of your bathroom is working smoothly. 

If you see clogged water, you must call professionals instantly. Call the nearest experts for House Cleaning Niagara and get your deep cleaning done by professionals.  

4. Cleaning The Living Room

Cleaning the living room

Our living area contains most of our furniture. So clean all your furniture thoroughly. We also keep all our electronic appliances in the living room. Cleaning those can be difficult but not impossible. Clean the floor, windows, and doors. Dust off all the surface dirt before performing the deep cleaning. I am sure you decorate your living room with different wall hangings and photo frames. You need to take all off the wall and clean each neatly. If you have a rug, leave it under the sun for hours and then deep clean it with a suitable detergent.

5. Cleaning Roof and Balcony

Cleaning roof and balcony

If you have a balcony and roof, you must clean that area as well. Usually, we keep plants on our patios and roof. This causes more dirt in the area as the soil spills or dry leaves fall here and there. So, shift your plants and deep clean the floor. If you have furniture, you should clean that as well.


So, if you follow all these steps, you will be able to clean your house thoroughly. If you are not sure, you can hire professionals and let them do their job. This will save you time and won’t involve any hassles.

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