How to Decorate with Black Pendant Lights

You won’t be able to find a quicker and more cost effective way to add look and function to a room than installing new pendant lights. Black is perhaps the most popular color out there for pendants, and certainly one of the most versatile as well.

Whether you’re planning on placing a black pendant light over the kitchen island or maybe in the dining room, there are some important things to first consider. Which shape of light will work best for your needs? How should you style everything else to match?

Keep reading, because we’re going to cover both these questions and many more. By the time you’re done, you’ll know everything you need to know to have black pendant lighting installed in your home that will be a beloved addition for many, many years.

What Colors Match Best With Black Pendant Lighting?

Well, the great thing about this popular category of lighting is that the color black is extremely versatile and easy to match with. It’s most typical to see these lights in modern kitchens, where it is often matched beautifully with crisp, cool whites.

Still, that shouldn’t mean you can’t go with black pendant lights just because you’re going for the farmhouse style, or because you can’t stand white but love red or green. Just ensure that you pick a color theme and stick with it. Think about what knick knacks, countertops, and wall paint colors will meld best with your black pendants.

Don’t be afraid to keep your wall and countertop colors simple. Just because your pendant lights are black doesn’t mean you have to find opportunities for color on the walls. You can keep those basic as well, then add splashes of color with a thoughtfully placed floral arrangement in the center of your kitchen island, for instance.

What Shapes of Black Pendants Will I Want?


Which shapes you’ll want for your pendants is all going to depend on where you’ll be placing the lights, what they’ll be used for, and your own personal styling preferences. What the lights will be used for should be your first consideration, because you need to ensure you’re shopping in a lighting shape category which will provide you with adequate illumination for your needs.

For example, if your black pendants will be hanging over the kitchen island and used during cooking preparation, then clearly the amount of light provided will be important. In this case, then pendants which focus the light downwards will be what you’ll need. Look for pendants in the shapes of dome, cone, cylinder, bell, or teardrop.

If the lights don’t need to focus illumination in a specific direction, then you’ll have some more leeway and can consider essentially any shape of pendant light. Be sure to think about the style direction you’re taking (farmhouse, industrial, vintage, etc) to ensure the lights will fit with what you’re going for.

What Height Should I Hang My Black Pendant Lighting?

Now that you’ve got an idea of the light shape you want as well as the decorative style, you’ll need to figure out exactly the height at which you’d like your pendants to hang. This needs to be decided before purchasing, as you need to make sure you’re going with a light which has a long enough hanging cord to meet your needs.

For most usages, this will all come down to your own personal preferences but if you’ll be hanging them over your kitchen island, then 30 to 36 inches above the countertop is generally considered the best. This allows for an even, soft illumination while keeping the pendants out of your way while you’re working and going about your life.

Do your best to measure from the point on the ceiling where you’ll be hanging the lights, all the way to the height at which you’d like them. This will be important information to provide to the installer, and will allow you to ensure the hanging cord on the light you purchase is long enough. Don’t worry about finding the exact perfect length, as nearly all pendant lights come with cord hanging lengths that are adjustable.


Take precise measurements and think carefully over the styling decisions you’ll be making, and you should have no issues with finding black pendant lighting that’s just right for your home. The incredible versatility makes them a great starting point for any room renovation, or they can blend easily into a room’s existing style. Enjoy your new lights as they’ll be a favorite part of your home for a long time to come!

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