How to Decorate Your Home with Pastel Colors

It’s high time you transform your abode into a reserve of tranquillity and peace. And how do you go about doing this? Simple- with muted and modern pastels! Um, hm, a word of caution here- use pastels in the perfect balance!

Admit it or not, but no matter how much you love your brights and bolds, you even have this soft corner for more feminine and lighter pastels. Don’t you? There’s something very special about pastel shades like light yellow, pink, and mint, and that’s where we fall for them.

Perfectly suitable for sophisticated spaces, pastels offer several advantages. From lending a soothing and calm tint to the walls to adding the color pop effect to rooms and everywhere in between, shades of pastel are for all the seasons!

Pastels are back, and they are back with a bang! Let’s get set and go on a trip to explore the right way of using these relaxing, soft shades for changing the mood and the décor of your home:

Use Pastels in the Kitchen and the Bathroom

Pastels in the Kitchen

Tiles in different shades of green are perfect for the kitchens and the bathrooms. Here, the “green” pastel shade deserves special mention because it is the color that has the power of brightening up the dullest of spaces, and bathrooms here are no exception.

Even kitchen tiles in moss green color are life-affirming and natural. They will transform your kitchen into the heart and a space where you can have the best of nourishing meals. Green tiles will certainly uplift the décor of the kitchen and your mood as the home chef.

Bring in Some Pastel in the Bedroom

Much has been said about pastels! They set the tone of a place while giving it a relaxing and refreshed feel. Right? If that’s the case, then it will be wise to incorporate different shades of pastel in the bedroom.

If you want to make your bedroom a place where you can escape from the entire world, opt for some of the most astonishing pastels in the area. The best is to go for pastel pink that is not just sensuous but super chic as well.

You can also add a bit of soft and feminine appeal to the bedroom by going for white. White furnishings, accessories, and furniture will create a peaceful environment in the bedroom.

Steely Blues and Minty Greens for the Walls!

Speaking of the bedroom again, the walls here deserve a special mention, and you need to give them the right kind of color so they relax the senses, the body, and the mind. Pastel room hues are the simplest and quickest ways of setting the tone for different rooms.

Even if you have an accent wall of the bedroom painted in soft green, it will give the space the environment required for rest. You can also go for brighter blues that will make your bedroom vibrant enough to fill you with energy.

Relaxing Interiors: Perfect for the Shades of Pastel

Relaxing Interiors

The lighter pastel colors have something very special and relaxing about them, and incorporating the same in your home will give you the best retreat. Sitting rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces are perfect for using light and soft-colored bedding, textiles, and other pieces of décor.

These are, of course, on the more feminine side of things. So, if you would like to keep the masculine appeal of your home intact without leaving out pastels, there is the idea that will work even in this situation.

You can consider blending the darker color hard surfaces such as darker color tiles and hardwood countertops and floors for creating the right balance among both the color spectrums.

Use the Color Blocking Effect Right!

Now color blocking with pastels will be a bit daunting. But once in place, it will help you create the most majestic interiors. Color blocking is one of the best ways of adding a couple of statements and bold hues without overwhelming the area.

And yes, there is no need for you to restrict yourself to simply using paint to achieve the color blocking effect. You can paint sections of your home in pastel pink and then contrast the same with deep teal color and marble tiles.

Use Pastels in Pairs

It will be easier to make the décor of your home stand out among the others in the neighborhood by playing with pastels. Make the right kind of statement by using pastels in pairs.

Go for a tone that perfectly suits your personal style, and try bringing it into any area of the house. You can choose furniture, chairs, beds, or appliances in the same color for completing the look.

Pastels in the Wardrobes, Cabinets, and Shelves

Pastels in the Wardrobes

Candy-colored shelves, steel blue wardrobes, and sea-green cabinets- Oh, they are so much fun! And yes, they are great pastel combinations to try out if you are looking to give your home a modern appeal.

Most of the time, people tend to miss out on these small things while trying to refurbish their homes for a greater and more attractive look with pastels. If you have made up your mind to incorporate pastels in your home, why ignore the cabinets, wardrobes, and shelves?

Paint them all in shades of lighter shades of sea-green, steel blue, and candy color and see for yourself the dramatic effect you create in your home. There is no use limiting pastels to the walls only.

Try playing around with different shades of pastel to be used in cabinets, shelves, and wardrobes. These will breathe a new life into your interiors!


The pastel color palette is quite versatile. It can be used with different décor styles. You can easily combine different shades of pastel with sophisticated greys and gentle whites to create mesmerizing interiors.

Every combination with a hint of pastel in it looks absolutely majestic and stunning. It always works to match the soothing charm and the elegance of pastel colors in different parts of your home.

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