Eating Under The Stars: How to Create an Amazing Outdoor Dining Area in Your Home

When the warm weather comes, it would be wonderful to enjoy some meals outside in a pleasant atmosphere. An outdoor dining area under well-groomed trees can be a real advantage for many homeowners. This area can be used for family dining and fun or for entertaining.

The first step is to decide if the back yard has space and privacy for a new outdoor living space. Then, existing trees and shrubs should be trimmed and the refuse hauled away. Now there is a nice blank slate to work from.

Is an Outdoor Dining Area Possible?

Is an Outdoor Dining Area Possible

The first step in deciding to make an outdoor dining and entertaining area is to assess the back yard to see if it has space and other aspects needed for an outdoor space to be developed. If enough space is there, decide if the back yard will develop into a pleasant area with nice views and privacy from neighbors, streets, and so on.

Now is the time to contact a contractor with experience in building outdoor living spaces to get an educated opinion on the possibility and cost of this project.

The next step is to contact a tree service such as to trim trees and shrubs or cut down dead trees and haul the refuse away. With a nice, clean slate, it will be easier to plan the new outdoor dining area. The landscape and outdoor living area contractors will design a plan and give the homeowner a quote for the labor and materials needed for this project.

At this point, the homeowner can decide to go ahead with the project with the contractor, delay the project, or do the project on their own. The homeowner skill level, size of the project, and budget will drive the decision.

Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Dining Area

Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Dining Area

The outdoor dining area should have access to the kitchen door. Outdoor smokers or barbecues are nice to have, but don't locate the table too close to them. An outdoor kitchen is expensive but often worth the investment if it will be used often.

There needs to be a nice, level area such as cement, patio stone, or grass to place a table and chairs on. Some people have patios or decks that can be improved to use as an outdoor eating area. Allow enough room for people to move around the table and chairs and the grill.

Don't forget the shade from the sun. If trees are not near or do not provide enough shade, add a roof, pergola, shade cloth, patio umbrella, or shade sails.

Once the protection from the sun is taken care of, consider adding beautiful plants, flower beds, or water features to add interest. If there is a nice view, take advantage of that. If privacy is an issue, have a privacy wall built. If the view on one side is unpleasant, add a wall to hide it.

Furnishing the Outdoor Dining Area

Furnishing the Outdoor Dining Area

Once the area is ready, decide on the outdoor furniture to add. The table should be big enough for the average number of people that will use it. Be careful not to get too large a table and crowd the space.

Add comfortable dining chairs and serving furniture to finish the area. Finish with dishes and silverware that are good for outdoor dining. Don't forget to install adequate lighting for evening entertaining. Planning carefully will help you get the best outdoor living area and stay within your budget.

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