How to Clean a Futon Mattress – Best Mattress Cleaning Tips

Futons are magnets for dirt and bad odor because they are frequently sat or laid down on. Their cloth covering also attracts dirt, and stains can easily appear if you are not careful. Since futons getting dirtied is something that we cannot avoid, let me just help you by making sure that you know how to quickly and effectively clean your futon.

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Washcloth
  • Warm Water
  • Sponge
  • Paper Towel
  • White Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hair Dryer
  • Upholstery Brush

Easy Steps to Clean Your Futon Mattress

Regular Cleaning

Clean a futon mattress

1. Prepare Cleaning Your Futon Mattress

The first thing that you should do is to remove the futon from its frame and give it a good shake. You can also beat it with the palm of your hand. This is to dislodge any coins, keys, or small toys that may have gotten stuck in the futon. There are things that may damage your vacuum cleaner. Even if you have a vacuum cleaner that is tough and may be able to handle such materials, it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side.

2. Vacuum

After you have removed the heavier dirt or errant materials in your futon, you can now use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, lint, hair and any other debris in your futon. Unfold your futon and run your vacuum cleaner over the futon. Pay particular attention to the cracks and crevices where dirt may have gotten lodged. If you’re having a hard time removing the dirt using your vacuum cleaner, grab your upholstery brush and use it to scrub off stubborn dirt. Make sure that you turn over your futon and clean the other side.

3. Remove That Nasty Smell

Once you have cleansed your futon, you need to deodorize it. Futons smell after time. The combination of sweat, moisture, and spilled drinks can give your futon an unwanted odor. Sprinkle baking soda in your futon and let it sit for an hour. Baking soda has terrific cleaning and deodorizing properties and it will absorb any ghastly odor your futon is harboring. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda.

4. Erase Any Stains Left

If you see any stains on your futon while cleaning apply some mild laundry detergent to the stain using a damp washcloth. Give the detergent a few seconds to work on the stain and then blot it out with warm water. Use water sparingly because excessive moisture may cause mildew.

Test your laundry detergent on a small portion of the futon before using it. This is to make sure that your laundry detergent won’t cause discoloration.

5. Don't Forget to Clean The Frame

It is also essential to clean the frame of your futon if it comes with one. Dirt from the frame will just transfer to the futon if you leave the frame uncleaned. Dust the frame down and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

If the stain is not removed using the regular cleaning method above, use a vinegar/water mixture to clean the futon.

  • Make a cleaning mixture of 1-part water and 1-part white vinegar
  • Pour just the right amount of the cleaning mixture to cover the stained portion. Sprinkle baking soda over the stain
  • Then pour a mixture of a quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid
  • Let the stain absorb the solution for 15 minutes. After that, use a paper towel to blot out the cleaning solution
  • Continue blotting until you’ve absorbed the cleaning solution and removed the stain
  • Let the mattress dry. This may take time and you can use a hair dryer to hasten the drying process. You can also leave the mattress under the sun to dry
  • Once the mattress is completely dry, use your vacuum cleaner to remove excess baking soda

Here's an easy way you can remove stains on you Futon Mattress using everyday items:

If the method outlined above does not remove the stain, contact a professional cleaner to do the job.

Tips to Maintain Your Futon Mattress

Tips to Maintain Your Futon Mattress
  • Purchase a futon cover. A futon cover is a good investment as it can help protect your futon. You can purchase a cover at a local department store or order one online. The cover should help protect your futon from dirt and spilled liquids. A futon cover should be washed at least twice a month to prevent dirt or stains from setting
  • If you have a futon cover, remove it from time to time. This will allow your futon to breathe and air out
  • As much as possible, avoid placing your futon on the floor. Floors have dirt that can easily transfer to your futon. Use a futon frame if possible. If you need to place your futon on the floor, use a clean rubber mat that can act as a barrier to protect your futon. If there is no other choice, make sure that your floor is clean and dry before placing your futon on the floor. You should also clean your futon frequently if you have it on your floor. Another thing to keep in mind is that placing your futon on the floor causes friction with the floor that can damage your futon. It can also result in the dirt getting ground into the fabric of your futon, making it harder to clean
  • Flip your mattress from time to time. This will help prevent your futon from sagging. Additionally, this is an excellent way to prevent one side from getting too worn out. Ideally, you should turn over your futon once a month, once a week for new futons


A good futon mattress is hard to find. More so if you are looking for one that can help ease your back pain. There are many good choices each with its pros and cons, and you need to carefully weigh them out while keeping your budget in check. If you do get lucky and found that best futon mattress for your back pain, the challenge is keeping it clean and prolonging its life. Just keep in mind the techniques and tips that I mentioned in this article and I’m confident that you’ll do a great job in cleaning and maintaining your futon mattress.

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me how these techniques worked out for you. Feel free to share the article to someone who needs help in cleaning their futon.

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