How to Clean a Deep Fryer at Home – 6 Easy Steps That You Should Know

According to the US Fire Administration, the best way to prevent premature breakdown of deep fryers which may cause kitchen fire flare up is making sure that it is always clean. Not only will exhaustive cleaning of a deep fryer lessen safety and fire threats related to the culinary method, but it will also make sure that it remains in good working condition. The following tips will guide you and are the solution to your question of how to clean a deep fryer.


6 Easy Steps to Effectively Clean a Deep Fryer

Step 1. Observe the Basic Precautions

First unplug your deep fryer. Make sure you wrap the connecting wire with a dry cloth to ensure you protect it from wreckages and water spills when cleaning. Check the oil inside your fryer. Fetid oil is easily identifiable with its typical stink and altered coloration. Stinking oil is not supposed to be reused because it is hazardous to your health. If you find that the oil is not fetid, you can re-use it. After that, empty the oil into a container let it cool and then dispenses it into a dumping bag. Don't drain the oil to a plastic bag until it has cooled to room temperature because it can melt the bag easily. Pour the oil over the sink to ensure that the spilled drops are contained within the sink, and it doesn't harm the surface of your kitchen. Remove the filter or basket of the fryer.

Step 2. Wipe Your Deep Fryer

At this point, cleaning with water and soap is not recommended since most powerful cleaning solution may be overwhelmed by the quantity of oily residues. Thus, use some towels to wipe-off oil traces around the inner surface of the fryer. You can even spread some paper cloth and leave them for some minutes. Take out the oil-soaked paper towels and use some more sheets to wipe repeatedly and slightly scrape the crusting oil in the fryer. 

Step 3. Clean with Water and Soap

If you are wondering how to clean a deep fryer together with its filters you only need to separate them and start with the deep fryer alone. Prepare the cleaning solution by mixing dishwashing soap in lukewarm water. Proceed by dipping a scrubber in the lukewarm cleaning solution that you have prepared. When cleaning with the wet scrubber, make sure you don't spill water on the outer side of the fryer to prevent electrical shock during connection.

Step 4. Clean Deep Flyer Sieves

Sieves are best washed alone with high pressured water. Nevertheless, the pressure should not be so harsh since it can damage the filter. You can also use soft-stiffened brush and cleaning solution.

Step 5. Eliminating Deep Fryer Smell

If the deep fryer has stayed for some time without being cleaned, it might develop an unusual smell. Make a solution that contains some vinegar and water in a ratio of 9:1. Make enough to fill up the fryer with that solution to let the vinegar react with every traces of remaining debris to neutralize the smell. Empty the vinegar solution as you rinse the fryer. 

Step 6. Cleaning the Outer Surface

So often, the outer surface of a deep fryer develops a thin coating. Don't use abrasive agents or brushes because they can make a permanent scratch to the surface. It is advisable to use branded degreaser. Also, you can use household paste prepared using baking soda and some water. Apply the degreasing compound or paste generously around the fryer. Leave the mixture to act on the dirt for roughly 10 minutes. Use towel paper to wipe deep fryer reputedly, rinse and then dry the deep fryer.

Deep Fryer Cleaning Safety Tips

To help maintain your best home deep fryer or your deep restaurant fryer for long without experiencing any damage, follow these tips.

  • Always read the manual of your exact oil deep fryer because some cleaning guidelines may vary
  • Never immerse your deep fryer in water
  • Don't decant oil immediately after cooking. Always wait for a minimum of two hours
  • Never clean your deep fryer while still plugged in the socket

Final Verdict

Cleaning a deep fryer does not have to be a time-consuming or tedious chore. To help retain your deep fryer in good condition a bit longer, always drain the oil thoroughly every time it shows any signs of aging and cleans it thoroughly as per the guidelines mentioned above. Doing this will save your money as you won't have to replace it frequently.

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