How to Choose the Right Trees for Your Garden

To many homeowners, their backyards are as important to them as their actual home. Landscaping, adding features, and planting flowers and trees can transform a garden.

Indeed, some of these additions aren’t just aesthetic, they are necessary to human survival. According to Scitable, if the world had no trees, then pretty soon there would be no humans either.

Clearly, this is a rather depressing thought, but before you decide to run out and plant a dozen new trees, there are considerations to be made.

If you are thinking about putting in one, or more trees into your garden then you may want to put some thought into which ones you should put into place.

How do You Select the Correct Trees for Your Property?

There will be a large amount of personal taste going on when it comes to choosing which trees to grow. But, there are many more serious concerns to take into account too.

Understanding how to take care of the tree as it grows will also be a factor. You may want to consider searching for tree surgeons in your area for advice before you actually purchase and plant your new tree.

Here are a selection of the concerns you should really think about before choosing a tree for your home.

Your Climate

Not all trees will grow in all regions. Some research needs to be done to see whether your area will be able to handle the tree that you want to grow. Some trees need more sunlight than others, while others prefer more water.

Consider the Size of Your Garden

Clearly, not all gardens are suited to having large trees growing in them. Look at how big the tree is likely to grow, and whether your home is truly suited to having that particular species.

There are also the neighbors to consider. Some trees grow spectacularly quickly and can lead to disputes about access to sunlight. While you may value certain trees for their ability to provide privacy, your neighbors may find them intrusive.

Consider Fruit Trees

As anyone interested in gardening, you may also like the idea of producing your own harvests. Vegetable patches are a great way to add sustainability to a backyard, and so are fruit trees.

You may want to assess how long it takes for the tree to come to fruition. Although it is unlikely that you would want to eat acorns, it is worth noting just how long some trees such as oaks take to grow.

According to the Woodland Trust in the UK, an oak tree won’t start producing fruit for around 30 years. However, an apple tree can start providing you with fruit after 8 years or less.

What will the Tree Look Like?

This is a simple consideration, but a crucial one. What happens if the trees don’t suit the theme or manner of your garden.

Will the trees you are planting end up fitting into your surroundings, or will they stand out like sore thumbs? There are plenty of backyard improvement ideas to beautify your outdoor space, and trees are an obvious choice. Yet, choosing the wrong one could ruin the whole feel of your garden.

Consider Your Property

It isn’t just about the size of the tree and garden, but think about where you are going to plant the tree.

Too close to the house could end up causing problems later on. Cracks in foundations can be exploited by tree roots, and overhead cables should be a factor too. Make sure that the tree has plenty of space to grow upwards, and outwards, as well as the roots under the ground.

What Time of the Year is It?

Certain types of trees will need to be planted during certain months. Trees grown in containers for instance are much hardier and can be planted at any time of the year. Others need more care and the right conditions to thrive.

Lastly, What do You want the Tree for?

selecting and marking trees

Are you adding in a tree because you think it will make a good focal point, or is it to add shade and shelter? The actual reasons that you want a tree can play a big factor in which ones you go for.

If you want blossom and fruit then this narrows down your choice. If you have a huge garden and want to add some shelter from the sun, then you can go for a bigger tree.


There are some essential elements when renovating a backyard terrace, and flowerbeds, and trees, would be on many people’s lists.

Adding a tree or two could produce dividends in later years. Yes, they will take time to grow but they will live for years. Trees can add value to your home, and they could also end up providing you with free apples or other fruit in time to come.

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