How to Choose a Shower Curtain

You will find shower curtains quite helpful because they serve all kinds of purposes. They are quite handy for they ensure cold air is kept out while water is kept in. Apart from them serving decorative purposes, they offer protection against unnecessary moisture which could be excess. They will keep you warm as you enjoy the scrubbing experience.

It takes a lot of keenness in choosing an ideal clawfoot tub shower curtain based on several considerations. The material used to make it; its size and liner are the most crucial factors to consider. All three factors help to manage heat and moisture. This will assist you to cut down on maintenance and cleaning the whole bathroom.

How to Choose a Shower Curtain Material

It is not just any curtain that you can use as a shower curtain. You will end up with a very wet and heavy. A heavy curtain will fall off the curtain or take a long period to dry. It will further worsen the situation and make you start dealing with mildew and mold.

Most people prefer cotton to any other material because washing it will be quite easy. They are also relatively durable. However, cotton will absorb moisture easily and therefore you need a liner to be fixed behind so that it gets less wet. 

If cotton is going to be expensive for you, vinyl is an option to replace it. Experience low maintenance cost and its cost is pocket friendly. 

The only undoing of vinyl curtains is ripping. Their strength is questionable especially if they are hung. Handling tear and wear is also one thing they will not promise. If you prefer replacing curtains, then vinyl would be your choice.

If you consider vinyl, consider plastic as well. This is because both of them wick moisture away quite easily. The growth of mildew or mold would be a thing of the past and you will not even need a liner. Of all these, cotton will give you a perfect look.

What Are the Best Shower Curtain Colors and Patterns?

Shower Curtain Colors and Patterns

For a neutral bathroom, solid colors are the most ideal because they pop to bring in a great accent piece. The white color is also crisp and clean thus giving your bathroom a great and decent look. You only need to go for a color that is eye-catching but remember that cotton white will make your bathroom airy and bigger while heavy and dull curtains will make it bigger than usual.

You need to do some blending to come up with something elegant because even block colors are just as popular as those of white. You will need to come up with something classic by blending two shades of grey or beige and white. It gets even better to mix orange and pink especially in guest bathrooms.

Most customers want to come up with something unique and a customized design requires that it complements the colors of the whole bathroom. The design should not be a distractor. Those with a desire to purchase Ikat or leaf patterns, ensure you have a bathroom of a boho-style type. In ordinary bathrooms, polka dots and gold elements with either city or geometric shapes give your washroom an elegant look.

Your bathroom curtain does not only look good with its color but also its design. There are those which have bits of flair, laces, or ruffles. These are compared with those that hang straight. Complicated designs identify with feminine clients.

What Styles of Shower Curtain Are There?

Shower curtains come in different styles and designs that you can choose from. There are those which have fixing buttons with holes that require rings to be fixed on them. These rings attach the curtain to the curtain rod. 

Another type of shower curtain has larger holes. These appear like built-in rings. Therefore; you do not need another set of rings to fix your curtain. These curtains can be moved easily from one side of the curtain to another. 

Normally, shower curtains appear on the outer part of the shower. The liner should hang from the inside. This is to prevent water which drops on the floor. 

Some curtains have liners that are in-built. You do not need to purchase both. This sounds good, doesn’t it? However, if ripping occurs, be sure to have both of them replaced. If your curtain is not attached to the liner, you can replace one and leave the other which is in condition. 

How Long Should My Shower Curtain Be?

Fix your shower curtain about an inch away from the floor. Hang it close enough to the floor to retain much of the water in the shower. Do not fix it until it drags on the floor. If it does so, it will keep much moisture at the bottom hence getting dirty. 

For you to purchase the correct length of the curtain that you need, take measurements of the distance between the rod to the floor. This will guide you not to select a too big or too small of a curtain. 

Landing on a too-long curtain will be dramatic. It will force you to raise the curtain rod close to the ceiling and this will leave your wall with ugly marks. 

Should You Leave Your Shower Curtain Open or Closed?

Shower Curtain open

The whole washroom now looks exquisite and in order when the curtains are closed. Conditioners, shampoo, and soap are hidden. Besides, it is good for your health and your air. Closing it also prevents your bathroom from growing mold, bacteria, or mildew. 


It is wise to go for a curtain shower that suits your needs based on the color and material of the curtain or the size of the bathroom that you have. Another consideration is how affordable the curtain is likely to be. Nevertheless, the size of the curtain is also important because if it won’t fit your bathroom or is bigger, you will not like it. After reading this article, you will get the right shower curtain.

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