Tips on How to Choose a Recliner Chair for Your Home

An armchair having an adjustable footrest and back is known as recliner chair. For individuals who plan on buying recliner chairs, checking and comparing the different models first before deciding on a purchase is important. These recliner chairs come in various prices and qualities; however a good quality recliner that is regularly used should at least remain usable for ten years.

Nowadays recliner chairs in numerous shops can already come in a wide array of designs. Also you can conveniently check out these best websites to buy furniture. Among these types include the electronic recliners, the massage recliners, rock recliners, wall-saver type of recliners, and push-back recliners. These recliners are equipped with great features that will suit the consumers' needs.

How To Pick A Recliner Chair?

How To Pick A Recliner Chair

When placed in an upright position or lowered down with hand lever, a rocker type recliner chair moves back and forth. This recliner chair model costs around $350. However, the price can reach up to $650 for high-quality brands. On the other hand, recliner chairs of push-back type do not last long like the one with hand lever and only costs $250.

What Is A Wall Saver Recliner?

Wall Saver Recliner

For people who want to own a nice recliner chair but do not have enough space in their home, the best option is a well-saver type recliner chair. It only requires a space of 6 inches from the wall to the chair so it will not occupy a big area. The conventional recliner only requires a space of 12 inches and above.

Looking At Massage And Electronic Recliners?

Massage And Electronic Recliners

Other choices for recliner chairs are the massage recliners, which cost between $800-$5000 and the electronic recliners that are more suitable for disabled or injured people who have difficulty moving around. There’s a good article about recliners for seniors at thehomedweller.com.

Whatever recliner model a consumer will be choosing, the most important thing to do is to carefully check the recliner first before deciding to buy it. The consumer must see to it that the recliner will not occupy a space exceeding 5 inches or 12.7 centimeters when its leg rest and seat are opened. When a lot of space is covered, it might result in trapping or hurting of pets and kids.

Recliner Chair Shopping Guide

Recliner Chair Shopping Guide

To avoid ending up with the wrong recliner model or type, trying out the recliner for 5 minutes should be done to ensure that it is able to provide the needed comfort and relaxation. When sitting on recliners in an upright position, the feet must reach the floor and the neck and head of the person should be supported by the headrest.

The chair's cushion should also checked to ensure that it is made of comfortable material. It is also necessary to check if the chair does not creak or if it is easily adjustable. When a chair makes a sharp sound, it indicates poor quality or loose parts.

It is important to check the recliner chair's foam density as well. The foam should have 1.9 and above density rating. Most recliner chairs are rated from 0.9 to 2.5. Foam density with a high rating can maintain its shape for a long period of time.

Upholstery is a major factor that needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a recliner. For longer durability, a leather recliner is the top choice; however it costs $1,000, which can be expensive for most consumers.

For individuals who want to have the comfort of suede, they can go for fabrics that are synthetic microfiber. This fabric is known for its ability to withstand wrinkling and moisture. For the recliner that is made out of this material, the costs can range between $500-$1,000.

Vinyl recliners are mostly avoided by smart consumers because they tend to crack. Even though their price is only between $300 and $700, they do not have longer durability compared to the others. For consumers searching for a fabric chair, a wool recliner is a perfect choice. This kind of recliner is stain resistant and durable. It cost s $1,200 or more.

In choosing the best recliner chair, research and visiting various shops for comparison will be required. Recliner chairs come in different prices and quality. Whether opting for a luxury model or just the basic model, the manufacturer's guarantee is very important.

Benefits of Recliner Chairs

Benefits of Recliner Chairs

The recliners offer benefits to kids and pregnant women.

For kids, recliners will allow them to let their body fit well, play, watch TV, and sit. This can be a good idea in letting kids enjoy and have fun.

Recliners are excellent in giving comfort to pregnant women who are in their last month of pregnancy because it allows their weak back to rest. Recliners can also help maintain good body posture and can prevent any harm that might affect their babies.

For individuals with problems in movement and vision, recliner chairs can make them relax. Older people suffer backaches but with recliner chairs, they will not be scared of suffering aches and pains. Worries on falling over are also gone. The design of these recliner chairs does not put additional stress on bones so they are good for the body.

For those with arthritis or weak bones, recliners are also beneficial in providing optimum comfort. They are good for patients who are paralyzed because they have to sit in a single position for many hours. Because of their condition they can benefit a lot from the comfort provided by recliner chairs.

Recliner Chair Covers

When consumers check the available recliners, they will discover that these recliners are made of various materials. For an enhanced look and durability, elastic materials can be one great alternative.

Consumers should be aware that there are numerous fabrics that can be used on recliners. There are mix fabrics, suede, corduroy, cotton, leather, and denim that they can choose from in coming up with the best fabric that will be perfect on the recliner ' s design.

The covers that will be chosen should match the placement and occasion where the recliners will be needed. For instance, if the recliner will be placed in the living room, it should complement the cushioning of the sofas.

For special events, elegant leather or suede covers can be chosen to offer perfect ambiance to the surroundings. Instead of going for printed fabrics, selecting plain fabrics can make recliners look perfect. Printed fabrics tend to make recliners appear bulky, furthermore, plain fabrics have a decent look and can fit well with all styles of home décor.

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