How to Choose A Lawn Tractor For Your Garden

With the right lawnmower, trimming grass and taking care of your garden can be an easy task. However, not all lawn mowers are made equally. A simple lawn mower can be used to trim short grass in a relatively small piece of garden. However, if you have acres of grass to cut and also wish to do heavy-duty chores like tilling or landscaping, you will need a lawn tractor.

There are many benefits associated with buying a lawn tractor compared to its counterparts such as walk-in-behind mowers. It is a luxurious piece of equipment that is ideal for those with back problems. It can be used to cut all types of grass, either tall or short. You can buy extra attachments such as the dump cart for lawn tractor to help you with other gardening tasks. You can also use it to excavate or landscape your garden as well.

If you have set your mind to buy a lawn tractor for your garden, then during your research, you will realize that there are so many types, each with its own fascinating features. As a result, choosing the best lawn tractor can be challenging. However, below we have compiled a guide on how to choose the best lawn tractor for your garden. We have looked at the key features you should consider when choosing a lawn tractor for your garden.

1. Size and Power

Size and Power

Since one of the main reasons why you are preferring a lawn tractor instead of a push lawnmower is the need for a bigger machine that can handle heavy tasks. Your first consideration should be the size and power of your lawn tractor. The appropriate size and power will depend on the size of the garden. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing a powerful lawn tractor.

Desk Size

For a garden that is bigger than two acres, a 54-inch deck lawn tractor will be efficient. Cutting grass on such a garden will take less time. For gardens that are less than two acres, you can pick a 45-inch desk. The 54-inch deck is the maximum size of lawn tractors, it is more suitable if you are looking to complete the job in a shorter time.


Ever driven a lawn tractor and felt like you were driving a toy? Well, that’s because it had a lower horsepower. Lawn tractors have a horsepower ranging from 15 to 30. And the bigger the blade a tractor has, the more horsepower it will require. Lawn tractors with a higher horsepower will mow faster and will cover a larger piece of land.

Overall Tractor Size

Although you might be tempted in buying a big lawn tractor, you should be mindful of its size. You will need a tractor that can fit in gate openings, shed doors and other squeezed areas within your garden. Have a rough idea of the size you need when shopping for one.

Wheel Size

Though often overlooked, the wheel size of your lawn tractor plays an integral role. Bigger wheels ensure stability and increase the lawn tractor’s capability of navigating through the toughest of terrains.

2. Transmission


Here, you will have to choose in between manual and hydrostatic transmissions. The manual transmissions are the common ones that are found in old-fashioned tractors. On the other hand, modern-day lawn tractors feature hydrostatic transmissions which automatically shift between gears as you drive.

3. Hand Lever Controls or Foot Pedals - which is Better?

Hand Lever Controls

Similar to transmission, you have two options when it comes to controlling your lawn tractor. You can either use hand levers or foot pedals. Hand levers are more ideal for gentle terrains because all you have to do is take your hand off the wheel and select a certain speed to drive at. It is just like cruise control. You can trim grass on a big piece of land without getting tired. The only problem is it will be harder for you to navigate through bushes and trees.

Foot pedals, on the other hand, are much more convenient for rough terrains because you can control the speed. They are more suitable for other projects like digging, scooping the soil and driving through tight areas. Since garden tractors are used for more projects other than cutting grass, choosing a model with foot pedals is more convenient.

4. Attachments


The last factor you need to consider when choosing a lawn tractor for your garden is attachments. These attachments allow you to carry out a number of chores in your garden. Good examples include vacuums, tanks, sprayers and dump cart for lawn tractor. These are considered as non-power-take-off (PTO) attachments in tractors. There are also PTO attachments such as snow blowers and tillers that can be attached to your tractor.

Final Thoughts

A lawn tractor is a must-have piece of machinery if you own a large garden or simply want to improve efficiency when carrying out chores on your farm.

However, when choosing the best lawn tractor, consider its size, power, transmission, control and finally attachments. Also, before you go shopping for one, come up with a list of tasks that you want to accomplish with it. This way, you will choose one that meets all your requirements.

Be very keen when including attachments, because the more you add, the more expensive it will be. Stick to attachments that are essential in handling your gardening chores.

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