Home Appliances: How Does A Furnace Work?

Modern homes are built with Air Conditioner (AC) to regulate the temperatures in the room, but there are still some people who believe in the good old technology.

Most of the homes that were built before the era of AC used furnaces to heat up business buildings and residential homes. There are some places that the furnaces are irreplaceable; if your home or commercial building still uses a furnace, it is important that you know how it works.

Furnace is an essential tool in home heating system that heats up the air and circulates it in your home’s duct.

When you have an idea of how a furnace works, it becomes easier for you to troubleshoot when it is faulty and repair it.

First, you need to understand that there are various types of furnaces and they are majorly categorized under gas, electric, and those that use propane.

There is no significant difference in how the different types of furnaces work but the engineering and designs bring a little modification.

How Does A Furnace Work

Mostly the propane and natural gas furnace use the same functionality principle. Blower fans are supplied by heated air, and it blows the air into the ductwork of your home and released from the vents.

The combustion chambers of gas and propane furnaces are fitted with a series of burners. The burners are triggered by a pilot flame, and the heat generated from the burners goes to the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger contains air, and the heat from the burners raise the temperature in the heat exchanger until it hits the thermostat level. Once they hit the thermostat’s optimum level, it triggers the blower fans which transfer the heated air into the ductwork of your home.

It is typical for modern homes which use the furnace and air conditioners to use single ducts for the two devices.

Gas Furnace

When you are using an electric furnace, then the operation is a bit different. While gas and propane furnace utilize pilot flame, electric furnaces are triggered by an electric ignition.

The furnace has conductive coils that are triggered with the electric ignition which allows current to pass through the coils. The blower fan blows the heated air generated from the coils into the ducts in your home. The thermostat in the furnace regulates and maintains the intensity of the heat generated by the heating elements.

The modern furnace uses less electricity compared to older versions. They are also easy to operate and produce clean air.

Electric Furnace

Common Furnace Malfunction

Various problems can cause your furnace to malfunction. However, when it comes to troubleshooting your furnace at home, you need to have the relevant tools and extensive HVAC training. Here are some common furnace malfunctions:

  • The Thermostat

Most people who complain that their electric furnace is not functioning may die because of a faulty thermostat. The thermostat regulates and maintains the temperature of the heat generated. It is not recommended for you to replace a faulty thermostat without extensive knowledge of HVAC.

  • The Fans And Coils

When your furnace is on, but there is no heated air in the room then it could mean two things; the fan is faulty or the circulation in the coils is broken. The fans are responsible for initiating the circulation of heated air into the ducts. When the circulation is broken the coils is not triggered by the electric ignition.



When you want to install a furnace in your home, you should consider your home’s ducts and insulation system, space available for the furnace, cost, and average temperature.

The efficiency rating of furnace differs depending on the model. When you take furnace with high average temperature, then you might incur unnecessary expense.

Consider calling a technician to repair your furnace if the problem is complex. All the models are issued with a manual and ensure that you follow the manufacturer's guidebook in case your furnace has a problem.

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