Must Have Home Power Tools

Power tools have motors which convert one form of energy into mechanical energy and that is how these tools help you do things such as drilling with less effort. These power tools aid you repair, improve or build stuff such as furniture, fences, running wire, etc.

Power tools tend to be used in industries, for construction works, and in houses as well. With the motor giving energy to the device, it works better and faster than the tools which are used manually. For example, a crucial saw cuts faster, smoother, straighter compared to a hand saw. But, because of these motors, power tools make a lot of noise and vibration. You need to have an excellent grip to control some power tools vibration as well as need some hearing protection if you do not want to end up being deaf.

These power tools are significantly useful for an infinite amount of purposes. You can get these power tools online from a supplier like Mississauga Hardware. Here is a small list of power tools that you must have, which will not only save your time but save your money as well.


You must have a drill because it's going to help you with many things. The particular purpose of the drill is to make a round hole in any surface. There are different types of power drills, but the most you will need is a cordless or hammer drill.

Cordless drill has batteries you can always carry spare batteries for continuous work. It helps you cut out holes, changing door knobs, hanging paintings by inserting screws into concrete or bricks.

Hammer drill helps you drill in hard materials. Its hammering and pounding force make it different from a cordless drill.

Power Saw

As a drill, you must have a power saw as well because it helps you cut wood, bricks, tiles, metals, plastic, and concrete. A power saw is cheaper, strong, and durable. Power saws can make straight and smooth cuts extremely fast. You can cut tiles for your kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes you can use a power saw as a blade as well. The power saw is also portable so you can take it wherever you want. A power saw is also known as a crucial saw.


If you want to repaint any surface, you will need a sander to make surfaces smoother. Sanders is used to removing paint from different objects faster and better. Sanders has sandpaper attached to them and the motor in sanders makes sandpaper rotate at fast speed. There are many various types of sanders that have different mechanisms, different abilities, and used for different purposes. The function of any sander is to make any rough surface smooth.

Nail Gun

The nail gun is a significantly useful power tool. It is used in wooden work mostly by driving nails into wood. It works like a gun. That is why it is named a nail gun; it has a piston and long shaft attached to it. It can drive nails into other materials as well. With the capacity of 400-600 nails, it can nail more than 50 nails in a minute. Use it with safety because it is a dangerous power tool and can cause serious injuries.

Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is also a type of power tool. It helps you paint way faster than using the paint and brush method. Paint sprayer sprays paint through the air onto the surface. This power tool is portable, so you can move it to the place you want to paint. It comes in two different sizes. Small and big. The small paint sprayer is used to paint smaller areas such as corners of walls and the big paint sprayer is used to paint huge surfaces such as the whole wall. It takes less time and effort to paint.


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