Home Maintenance: 6 Warning Signs You Can Never Ignore

Want to be a wiser home owner, capable of balancing your budget and keeping your house operating smoothly?

It starts with working smarter - not harder - in maintaining your home to help you save some money and avoid common problems many property owners face.

You’ll need professionals such as City Seamless Roofing to help you solve some of these challenges. But since you don’t have a pro on site at all times it’s up to you to get smart and look for the signs that maintenance is needed. Be vigilant so you know when to call in the experts and when you can do the job yourself, otherwise you might face a costly disaster.

Windows that Don’t Open Anymore

Something you view as a silly inconvenience - not being able to let in some fresh air - can be the result of extreme problems. When windows don’t want to open it could mean something in the structure of your building has shifted. Over time it can lead to excessive damage, and protective substances such as insulation will be less effective. Calling in an expert is vital if it gets too far.

Waterflow that Changes

Pay attention to waterflow in your home so you know what the ‘norm’ is. When something changes you’ll know it’s time to organize an inspection. Here’s an example: when you suddenly have lower water pressure or toilets make gurgling sounds you’ve never heard before, you can expect problems in your septic tank or plumbing.

Water Stains, Mold or Mildew

Water stains, mold and mildew don’t simply ‘appear’. They’re the visual proof of an underlying problem which could be:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Pests that destroyed insulation
  • A broken roof tile which allows moisture into your home
  • Blocked gutters that allow water to seep into the building

You’re simply seeing the symptoms of a possible crisis. Often it takes an experienced professional to discover the real source of the problem, so this isn’t a DIY job.

And remember that mold will keep on growing and even cause health problems. You can’t waste time. Call the pros as soon as you see the sign.

Rotting Wood

Rot can be in your home’s siding, ceiling or paneling. It means that somewhere moisture is present where it shouldn’t be. If you’re seeing rot a lot of damage is already done, but fast action can still save you a lot of effort and money related to repairs. Rot, like mildew and mold, can also affect your health if you are exposed to it for long.

Foundation Cracks, Gaps or Changes

A small change in your foundation can tell you it’s time to call a contractor. This can be a crack in the pavement, a gap between tiles or even leaks. It could mean ground has settled or moved, causing instability in your foundation.

Small movements can affect various other aspects of your building such as the plumbing infrastructure too. Getting it tended to must be your number one priority to prevent unnecessary expense brought on by deterioration.

Hearing, Seeing or Smelling Pests

If you think you smell something funny in your home, don’t ignore it. What if it’s not last night’s cooking disaster that left an odor. It’s possible there’s a family of rodents or insects that took up residence!

Because pests are so skilled at hiding it’s essential you use your senses to notice their presence:

  • Seeing where they gnawed on food packets
  • Smelling their waste
  • Hearing them move at night when the house is quiet

Pest control is another situation where you’ll probably need help to manage the problem, because finding the real source of the pest problem requires expertise.

Final Words

Owning a home is a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility. Now you know what to look out for so you can be proactive. Enjoy living in your home because you’re less worried about missing a warning signal. And if you have tips for other homeowners, share your stories below.

Vera Watson

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