The History Of Beer And Why People Like It So Much

Beer is among the most consumed drinks in the world, after water, tea, and coffee. Besides this, it's one of the ancient drinks ever taken by our great grandfathers. Like other products, beer has a great history, dating back longer than its retractable. It has grown from a traditional brewed drink to a modern beverage, leading to many brewing companies and providing livelihood to many wheat growers, brewers, distributors, and sellers. Beer is loved worldwide, and probably you found this article because you wanted to better understand how it originated.  

A Brief History of Beer

While the first date when the first beer was consumed is not known, the drink started as a farm-based beverage brewed using grains and given time to ferment. It's believed that the ancient man loved beer more than we do now, and they had over 20 recipes for brewing the drink. Nowadays, you only need a home brew kit, and you are good to go with your beer at home. In Egypt, pharaohs feasted and got buried with beer, while those who made the pyramids got paid with beer. 

Beer was brought to Britain by the Danes and the Saxons. Beer proved to be the best drink in treating waterborne diseases because of its alcoholic content.  In 1516, Bavarian Dukes Wilhelm IV and Ludwig X created a law, the German Purity Law, which required all brewers to use barley, yeast, hops, and water. Nowadays, not many companies comply with the law. 

With the industrial revolution, many beer industries came up in England, leading to the massive production of beer. This also led to the understanding and discovery of yeast and the fermentation process. This discovery further led to the production of yeast, which facilitated the production of various beer types. In 1920, there was a slight prohibition of the beer industry in the United States, which made many people adopt to its counterpart, the lager. Currently, beer in the US is not as popular as that of lager but slightly catching up.

Refrigeration of the brewing process led to people enjoying beer throughout the year. This was unlike before when it got brewed according to the season. Beer is now a favorite drink to many people worldwide. Besides having many beer industries, you can brew your beer at home and have the same taste as your famous brand.

Beer legislation came into effect in 1978 in the United Kingdom. Many nations also adapted to this legislation, leading it to the third spot of the most consumed drinks globally. Recently, many companies introduced different versions of beer; to fit every individual need in the market.


There are many reasons why people love beer so much. Some of these include its unique taste, its refreshing nature, and it makes one feel good, especially in these challenging times. Beer also has infinite diversity; it's communal, cultural and causes one to become more creative. If you are a regular taker of this drink, you can get your brewing kit and enjoy the drink anytime you wish, at the comfort of your home.

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