Tips for Hiring a Great Landscaping Company

There always comes a time of year when spending time outdoors is a pleasant experience. But before you can enjoy your time outdoors, you should thoroughly inspect your property before you unpack your patio furniture. You should check for patches of grass, rotting wood, and crumbling cobblestones - these are all signs that your backyard could benefit from a landscaper. We understand that this is a daunting task, and we are prepared to help you begin this project. The following are five tips to consider when hiring a landscaping company.


Even though this may seem obvious, we still find that people usually hire landscaping companies based solely on price without considering the company’s reputation. Don't commit this costly mistake! If you are like most Washington citizens, you are better off hiring a professional landscaper in Centralia, WA. It's for a good reason that these companies charge so little to trim a bush, and the following spring, you find your lovely bush virtually dead. Check with your neighbors to see which companies they are using. Ask if the companies you are considering have solid references. 



Taking proper care of a lawn and landscape requires significant investments in equipment and personnel. Mowers, aerators, pruners, trailers, trucks, the list is endless. How is a lawn and landscape company able to perform its duties effectively in the absence of the necessary tools? Again, think about the “cheap” lawn mowing offer. Is the prospective landscaping company earning sufficient to purchase the required equipment to carry out the work properly? For your lawn and landscape to thrive, professional equipment is needed. Therefore, you should check that the company that you are considering has all the required equipment.


Are you aware that if a lawn care firm does not carry workers' compensation insurance, and if one of their employees or the owner is injured while on your property, you can be held liable? Workers' compensation insurance is mandated by specific state laws, and for a good reason. As well as the possibility of workers being injured, there may also be damage to your plants. If a landscape company damages your property, what are your rights? 

What are the chances that a company that isn't in profit (or barely in profit) will be responsible for any damage to your property? It is a good idea to ask a company whether it has landscaping insurance. This simple question can protect you from several potential problems.

Compare Quotes

Compare Quotes

Although your budget is certainly an important factor when hiring, we do not recommend going with the lowest price. Finding a contractor you can trust is crucial, ensuring that he or she will perform the work at a price you can afford. You can achieve the most of your budget by not disclosing how much money you would like to spend upfront. You should be aware that some contractors will increase the estimated project cost if you tell them you will pay that amount. Instead, you should provide a detailed list of your requirements, and the company will give you a quote. Compare the quotes from multiple companies and make a decision.


Keep in mind that you are hiring a company to maintain your backyard so that you can host outdoor gatherings throughout the summer months. Do not rush to decide after finding one company that appears to meet all your demands. Make sure you shop around. Compare the products and services offered by various companies. Good luck!

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