5 High-End Apartment Amenities Residents Will Love

Are you running a high-end apartment block that’s struggling to keep retaining tenants? If so, you might not be offering them enough modern features and amenities that appeal to their needs.

Residents of high-end apartment blocks usually have hectic lifestyles and high demands that need to be met - if you don’t meet their living needs, they’ll eventually find another apartment building that does.

Here are 5 amenities that high-end apartment residents will love!

1. High Speed Wi-Fi Connections

High Speed Wi-Fi Connections

Having high-speed Wi-Fi in your building is non-negotiable at this point. Though you might encourage residents to choose providers, many property managers these days are offering high-speed WiFi as standard in all of their apartments.

Residents need to be able to work from home, play video games online, stream Spotify at the on-site gym, stream HD or 4K movies in their living room, and sit on high-quality Zoom calls for work.

If your Wi-Fi speeds are terrible, you’re going to lose A LOT of tenants. Everyone uses the internet these days to some degree, and high upload/download speeds are non-negotiable.

2. Commercial Mailboxes

Commercial Mailboxes

Many modern apartment buildings are opting to have large commercial mailboxes for their tenants instead of forcing postal workers to go to the specific door or floor.

Commercial mailboxes are very heavy duty and secure, giving each tenant their own private slot to use.

You’ll increase tenant happiness by not forcing them to go and collect their deliveries when the USPS turn up, and you’ll find that many commercial mailboxes come with parcel lockers for package deliveries from Amazon and whatnot.

If you’re looking for commercial mailboxes, you can find them here

3. Smart Home Features

Smart Home

Smart homes and apartments are the future, so you might as well attract tenants by offering Smart Home features unique to your building.As well as integrated systems like the Amazon Echo (Alexa), you can also try things like:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart color-changing lights
  • Smart locks on the front door
  • Smart baths

Residents of high-end apartment buildings will undoubtedly appreciate any feature that makes their everyday life easier, so the ability to turn on their heating from home or run a bath on their commute home is appealing, especially when their working lives are so busy.

4. Rooftop Deck Area

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are very common in high-end apartment buildings, providing a brilliant space for residents to socialize with friends, family, visitors, and other tenants in the building.

If your region has the right climate, it’s also a good place to put a rooftop pool where your residents can enjoy a splash in their downtime. You might also consider other features such as a barbecue area, sun loungers, artificial grass, and maybe even a small cafe depending on the size of the building.

Rooftop decks give people an idea of how they can spend their leisure time and help people to feel that sense of exclusivity that makes high-end apartments extra appealing to certain types of people.

5. Green Spaces

Green Spaces

If you have the space on your property, whether on the rooftop, grounds, or extension of the building, consider adding a lush green space for your residents.

Stressed-out city dwellers often long for a relaxed green space, and where better a place to have one than their very own apartment building?

Green spaces are great places to socialize, meet other tenants in the building, or simply lie back and relax after a long day of work.


We hope you enjoyed this guide to 5 high-end apartment amenities that residents will love. 

If you incorporate these elements into your building, you might just see your tenancy retention rates soar.

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