How to Slash Costs on Your Heating Bill

Few household expenses fluctuate more than a heating bill. The average American family spends around $1,400 each year on energy bills.

Utility expenses are impossible to avoid altogether but there are many easy ways to save. Check out these tips on slashing your monthly heating bill.

Layer Up

The easiest and cheapest way to reduce your heating bill is to wear more layers around the house. The simple act of wearing socks to bed can help you avoid adjusting the thermostat throughout the night.

Instead of parading around in your underwear during winter, sport long-sleeved pajamas and a robe. Layered loungewear around the house helps you remain warm without sacrificing comfort.

A Powerful Throw

Keep throw blankets in every room. Even the most well-intentioned layers are no match for sitting idle in a cold room over a long period of time.

Place a throw blanket on every couch and chair where you relax during the day. The key is having enough blankets around to stay warm so you don't get the urge to raise the temperature.

Use the Oven

Skip the microwave meals during the winter months and opt for oven-cooked meals instead. Using the oven releases much needed heat into your home.

Leave the oven door open after cooking to help release instant heat. The preheat and cook times combined can help keep your kitchen warm for hours.

Get Smart

Consider installing a smart thermostat in your home this winter to help reduce your bill. Smart thermostats learn your patterns throughout the day.

If you are at work for 8 hours, the thermostat lowers the temperature in your home. The lowered temperature means less energy gets used.

Heating Checkup

Your furnace needs love. Just like you go in for an annual checkup, it's helpful to ensure your heating system is at peak performance before entering the winter months each year.

Heater system repairs can be costly. Regular HVAC maintenance can help you delay major repairs by keeping your heating system in great condition.

Block Leaks

Allowing the heat to escape through cracks and crevices is a common way to waste energy. There are a variety of ways to block leaks depending on your budget.

One major step towards sealing air leaks in your home is to insulate your attics and crawl spaces. This is an expensive process depending on the square footage of your attic.

A cheap, quick option is covering your windows with plastic insulation found at a home improvement store. These plastic coverings are meant to last throughout the season meaning you lose the option to open covered windows.

Heating Bill Makeover

Your heating bill doesn't have to look the same as last year. There are more than a few temporary and permanent options to reduce costs.

No matter whether you choose insulation or a new hooded pajama set, you can expect to see a long term heating bill makeover. For more information on home improvement, please subscribe to our blog.

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