All About Garage Door Openers in Norman, OK

A garage door opener is a device that operates through a radio control motor to open or close a garage door. The device has been popular amongst garage owners of Norman, Oklahoma, and its utility makes it one of the most bought home devices.

If you're interested in buying one of these useful essentials, this article is specifically written for you. It talks about everything you need to know about garage openers

How Does It Work?

The mechanism is easy. The remote and main system of the opener works through radio transmissions. The remote generates a radio code to be recognized by the main device installed inside the garage. Once the correct signal is identified, the system works and opens up the door. 

When the device was first introduced, the radio transmitters generated the same code. Hence, all garage doors could be opened with one remote. This led to increased theft and robbery. Since then, companies have made sure that the radio transmission between the operators remains safe. 

Now, every time one connection is established with the help of binary coding, the operating system of the opener generates another binary pin for the next use. This ensures the safety of customers throughout. To understand this mechanism thoroughly, click on this link:

Types of Garage Door Openers

You might be thinking how a single radio transmission between devices result in the lifting and descending of an incredibly heavy parking gate. Well, the device doesn't only consist of digital aspects. It does have a major mechanical aspect which results in the efficient working of the same.

We've listed the types of door openers for you to understand and choose from:

I. Chain Drive

As the name suggests, the chain drive option refers to a chain cable that is responsible for the opening and closing of the parking gate. It works like a pulley. The chain is attached to either end, with the sprocket attached to the door on one side and the motor system on the other. It provides a safe and balanced pathway for the gate to move up and down.

The gates already are attached to counterbalance springs and cables to determine the safe movement of the door. The cable manages the procedure with ease and comfort. 

The biggest plus point of chain drive openers is that they can be used even if there's no power supply. You can manually open and close the gate without any issues. It's also one of the most economical options available in the market.

2. Wall Mount Openers

These are also known as jackshaft openers. They are L shaped, bracketed equipment attached to the torsion bar of the gate. They're considered to be a safer and better option than traditional trolley openers. 

Wall mount garage openers save plenty of overhead space and are not loud like their traditional counterparts. Unlike traditional automatic gate maneuvering devices, this system does not include installing hefty rails and processing devices. They can be operated by Android and iOS devices, remote control or Wi-Fi. They're a safe and better option for low, obstructed or sloped roofs. This type of door opening device is completely computerized and remains effective as long as the signal reaches the receiver. 

3. Screw Drive

A screw drive door opener is the best option for lifting heavy, bulky gates. It's a better alternative than the popular chain drive openers as it can lift lofty doors more easily than a belt drive opener, and is cheaper than the counterpart.

The screw drive opener works with a simple threaded mechanism. This mechanism helps with the lifting by moving along with it in order to lift and lower the garage door. The spiked metal cable moves along the rod as the latter rotates. 

The threaded cable makes the whole device sturdy and facilitates the smooth yet secure movement. It makes less noise as compared to other trolley door openers and runs on minimal maintenance.

Price Factors

The pricing is a huge aspect that needs to be kept in mind. The traditional trolley door operators are on the economical side of the deal. However, they might need frequent maintenance, and they cause a lot of noise. It won’t be possible to open the garage door without your neighbors knowing if you decide to get one of these installed. Nonetheless, they have been in the marketplace for so long because of their low price and added ease of use.

The computerized systems have garnered enough happy customers in recent years. They do have an expensive tag attached but the digital aspect and the added security of radio signals are a class apart. These openers do not have bulky and space-consuming bodies that need to be installed. Hence, they're space-saving and a great investment if you wish to let the technology handle the load of your home's safeguarding. 


Garage door openers have always been important for the convenient movement of heavy parking doors. There are a variety of options to choose from, thanks to constant upgradation in this sector because of customer demand. The traditional options are as good as the advanced ones and therefore, there's a type for everyone.

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