How to Choose a Gaming Chair for Your Home

Comfort is the first thing you need to fully immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere. Perhaps, you often have childhood memories when you and your friends spent hours playing Nintendo games. At this age, few people have thought about making the process of gamine comfortable. You were sitting on the floor randomly because the massive TV was on a huge stand. Since the length of consoles did not exceed 19", all sofas and armchairs far enough from the TV were not needed, and gamers sat randomly. Over time, massive "fat" TVs were replaced by thin LCDs and LEDs, and game consoles became wireless which meant that a sofa or an armchair far away was no longer a problem. Comfort became an integral part of gaming, even for the most casual gamers.

Why Do You Need A Gaming Chair?

Most people ignore buying it, thinking it's not that significant. However, any hardcore gamer will tell you how important comfort is when playing a game. Because most gamers spend hours playing, the gaming spot is also responsible for ergonomic back, neck, arm, and body support.

According to, this long-term position can have a serious impact on a person's health, as we, gamers, are so immersed in gameplay that comfort and orthopedic properties are essential. Believe it or not, the best gaming chair can take your gameplay to a whole new level.

Most of the office chairs you see in local shops are made of cheap materials. Offsets and equipment will wear out fast. Plus, they are not comfortable.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Gaming Chair



Ergonomics should be at the top of your preference list when looking for a gaming chair. An ergonomic chair will provide maximum comfort and least tension for your body. It goes without saying that you need a comfortable gaming chair! Who needs to get up every 10 minutes to stretch their back because the gaming chair is uncomfortable? Even the most expensive technologies or materials become useless if they are not convenient to use.

For extra comfort, you can choose an armchair that is made with built-in massage function and heaters that allow your back muscles and other body parts to relax during gaming.

Good Value For Money

Make sure you get what you pay for and don't spend your money on features you don't really need, e.g. if you already have a powerful sound system, then you, probably, don't need a sub and speakers built into the gaming chair.

Some models are also equipped with mug holders, side pockets, vibration motors, built-in AFM technology for the most interactive gaming experience.



Initially, the chair has its default settings. Some of the most common settings include height adjustment, reclining angles, and removable parts, e.g. armrests. Some people's feet don't touch the floor, others have to bend their knees too much, and some don't like armrests.

Unlike a good device, a person cannot be adjusted, so the more screws and adjustable parts a chair has, the better. Even if you don't need to tighten up or install anything, these features can be useful for your family members or when your friends visit you with their kids that enjoy playing video games.


A quality gaming chair should serve for a long time, but if it' s made of poor quality materials, then you'll have to buy a new one rather soon. Choose a manufacturer that has a coating and upholstery material, along with other functions, specified for you.

Everything should be of high quality. Instead of soft faux leather upholstery, it is best to consider genuine leather with hygroscopic properties for better moisture absorption and wear resistance. The frame and base should be made of durable materials such as stainless steel for maximum support, especially for users with heavier body weights. The padding should be neither too soft nor too hard, e.g. it can be cold-molded foam that remains intact even after prolonged use.


Many of those who bought a comfortable chair think about buying a special stand for their mouse or tumbler. Large manufacturers such as DXRacer have taken care of their customers' possible wishes and preferences, so you can find a number of additional devices in the stores.

However, if you buy a premium leather armchair not intended for gaming, you will most probably be disappointed, since you will not be able to upgrade it in any way.

You also need to make sure that your chair works with your gaming system. Fortunately, most gaming chairs have no problems with that. PC, Xbox One/360, PlayStation 3/4 are definitely in the list.


If free space is a problem, many chairs can be folded and stored when not needed. Also, keep in mind the size of the chair and game console. You do not want to buy a gaming chair online to find out that it's too big for your room.



So many brands and functions on the market! You'll definitely get your dream gaming chair if you're pushy, instead of choosing the first model you see.

Determine the sum you are ready to spend on the basic functions offered by the gaming chair. If your budget is quite low, you may want to consider having the most critical gaming features that ensure durability, comfort, support, and reliable service.

Here are some important aspects you should not miss:

  • If you are buying a classic office chair with wheels, make sure it’s a durable design. The stability of the base is a very important factor, as the hydraulic system of a cheap product can easily break through it and drop. Choose rubberized wheels to avoid scratches on the floor (especially if it's hardwood) and you won't irritate your family and neighbors with annoying gliding sounds
  • Chair upholstery should be hygroscopic, i.e. absorbing moisture. During intensive long-time gaming, while sitting on faux leather, you will feel like you are glued to the chair
  • There should be a headrest to ensure relaxation of the cervical vertebrae and increase the overall level of comfort. The same goes for lumbar cushions. The latter on your couch won't fit, as many manufacturers use elastic material to make them
  • When choosing, be mindful of your goals and needs. If you are sitting (or almost lying) in a chair, soft structured chairs are not recommended. You are more likely to feel comfortable in those that support your back. Throne-like gaming chairs, e.g. X Rocker, should be placed right in front of the screen, as you will not be able to move it back and forth

Gaming Chair Types

Rocker Gaming Chair

These chairs stand directly on the floor with no legs or wheels. Rocker style chairs are L-shaped and super comfortable. Just lean back and enjoy your favorite game. The best rocker chairs are fully equipped with various functions. The large ones are equipped with a built-in wireless system, speakers and subwoofers, stereo RCA inputs, foam upholstery with a memory effect, etc. Some chairs can be wirelessly connected to each other for playing with your friends.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

Pedestal Gaming Chair review

These models are very similar to rocker chairs but have additional seat support. If you have to turn around or sit higher above the floor, then you should choose this one. The same features and functions of a rocker gaming chair can be found here.

PC Gaming Chair

PC Gaming Chair review

Just like your ordinary office chair, this one is simply a bit more suitable for gaming sessions. It has ergonomic features like a lumbar cushion, headrest, and comfortable armrests. Some of them, e.g. DXRacer model, are actually made of racing car materials and can be reclined 180 degrees without flipping over. Optional side supports allow you to play comfortably for many hours straight.

Racer Gaming Chair

Racer Gaming Chair review

If you're into racing games, you should definitely look out for this type of chair. Some of them come with a steering wheel, pedals, and gear shift for true racing experience. And some chairs are just a seat and frame, so you can attach your steering wheel and drive if you already have these accessories. The chair is adjustable, so anyone can reach the pedals and steering wheel. The coolest of them come with a real racing seat!

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Bean Bag Gaming Chair review

Bag chairs are not just for hipsters anymore! Many gamers prefer to lie in a bag chair in front of their game console. Also, such a chair does not occupy too much space which is perfect for hotels or dormitories, small apartments, and gaming rooms. The only thing you won't have is the built-in speakers (and a few other features), but some consider this one the most comfortable gaming chair in the world.

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