Front Side Scribing Tools by LatticeGear!

To keep up with the global demands for faster, smaller, and cheaper devices, LatticeGear steps up to fill the demanding void. It focuses on developing innovative cleaving and scribing tools so that it may speed up the sample preparations. 

Scribing is considered one of the best precision techniques for creating weaker points in substrates. It is then led by cleaving that causes the delicate materials to snap at their exact point. 

Choosing a scribing tool is not an easy job, for this is the reason one must get expert help and advice. Looked upon by giant industries worldwide, LatticeGear offers the best solution for every project, offering varied frontside scribing tools that can be used for different purposes. 

Let's take a look at some of the front side scribing tools.

1. FlexScribe

It is the latest and innovative tool presented by LatticeGear. It is fast, simple to use, and clean. It is believed to be the perfect additional tool for every laboratory. It can be used on a variety of materials ranging from sapphires to silicon and also on the thick, thin tempered glass and III-V materials. The tungsten carbide cutter ensures to make a straight scribe making sure for no place for harmful rulers. The samples are guaranteed damage-free and can address samples as small as 5 mm to 300 mm wafers.

2. LatticeScriber

LatticeScriber is the ideal tool for hand-scribing samples. It has a unique 8-point diamond tip, flexible in nature. The customization top makes sure to meet the scribing requirements and adds years to the tool. The nickel-plated and sturdy aluminum handle attributes double end collets. It is for better stability and knurled barrel that allows for a firmer grip. The head is designed hexagonal to prevent it from rolling, adding extra merits to its features. 

3. Carbide Cutter-General Purpose

It is one of the best general-purpose tungsten carbide cutters for silicon, glass, and other materials of crystalline. Its best feature is it can cut thin glass as much as 0.3 – 1.5 mm and hard glass from 0.3 – 6 mm. The cutting wheel helps create a perfect clean scribe and minimize the particles equal to the pointed diamond scribe. It has a plastic handle of 5" that allows the split to substrate easily.

4. Carbide Cutter-Laser

The carbide cutter-laser is specially designed for cutting thin, hard, ultra-thin, and quartz glass. It can also cut materials of III-V and silicon. It has a high penetrating carbide cutting wheel enabling deeper scoring and gives a non-slip start. The cutting wheel cuts perfectly, making sure to minimize the particles as low as possible. When compared to the pointed diamond scribe, carbide cutter-laser leads the list for perfection and minimizing waste. It comes with a plastic handle of 5".

5. Carbide Cutter-Laser-Ultra-Thin Glass

It is used for ultra-thin glass ranging from .03-2 mm and hard glass from 0.3-2 mm, and other materials of crystalline. The cutting is highly penetrating, giving a non-slip start with the benefit of deep scoring. It excels at cutting hard glass, ultrathin glass, silicon, quartz glass, III-V, and more. The particles are minimized during the cutting process, making it one of the most favored tools among the users. The 5" plastic handle is specially modeled for extra grip and to give it comfortable handling.

6. Carbide Cutter-Deep Cutting

It is one of the latest innovative tools by LatticeGear. It comes with a tungsten carbide cutting wheel and a 5" long handle to create a perfect and accurate pre-cleave scribe on glass, wafers, or silicon. It is capable of cutting glass ranging from 3-10 mm, giving a perfect clean scribe. Carbide cutter-deep cutting also exceeds the list being the finest reliable tool when compared to pointed diamond scribe.


To make your project successful, you will definitely need a reliable tool that gives you quality work and perfection. No matter whether it is a plastic scribing tool or any other material tool, unless it is from a reputed and reliable brand like LatticeGear, you are bound to reach success 100%. It is the finest example of perfection, where every person can depend on it, for it is known for its reliability, quality, and perfection. 


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