10 Tips On Floor Cleaning That You Should Know

Are you unable to keep your floor clean? The floor is the most crucial part of any house, and if you want to keep your home clean, you have to clean your floor first. Cleaning the floor is not a hard task, but if you're going to clean it correctly, you need to take care of some extra things. To help you clean your floor properly here, I am going to share some tips that I use every time to clean my floor. So to clean your floor that looks like a mirror, don't quit reading.

10 Tips To Clean Your Floor Like A Mirror

1. First Clear Your Floor

clear floor

For doing any task, we need preparation, and it is not different for the floor. To start cleaning your floor first, you need to clear the floor so that you can reach every corner of the floor. Take off furniture such as chairs and tables. If you notice that your furniture are dirty then clean them before you start cleaning. It will help you to clean your floor quickly. After cleaning the floor make sure that no one walk before drying.

2. Clear All Debris And Dust

Clear debris and dust

You may think that this step is not so important. But I am telling you this step is essential if you are looking to make your floor clean like a glass. The mop is not ideal for cleaning waste and solid debris. On the other hand, solid debris can scratch your floor. So to keep your floor scratchless make sure that you clean waste and solid debris before mopping.

3. Cold Or Warm Water?

warm water to clean floor

When it comes to clean the floor, you have to use warm water. Do you know why warm water is preferred for cleaning the floor? Warm water helps to clean better than cold water. Moreover, warm water kills the bacteria that may live on your floor. For cleaning, mix the cleaner with warm water then soak the mop into the water and start cleaning. While taking water into the bucket, make sure that you fill it half, it will help you to submerged the mop completely when you dip it.

4. Divide Your Floor In Sections For Mopping 

clean the floor

It is better to divide your floor into small sections. It will help you get rid of waste buildup. Mop the divided sections three to four times, and this way cleaning solution will spread all over the floor instead of building debris.

5. Deep The Mop After Cleaning Each Divided Section

Deep the mop

After cleaning one divided section, deep the mop inside the bucket. By doing this, you will get rid of building dust on the other side of the floor. It is an essential tip and never forgets to apply it while cleaning your floor.

6. What If Cleaning Solution Became Darker?

cleaning solution became darker

Will dirty water make your floor clean? No, you can’t expect cleaner floor if you clean it with dirty water. When you clean one section of your floor, you will see your cleaning solution became dark, and it will become darker if you continue cleaning. So to make your floor super clean change the cleaning solution if it became darker.

7. Don’t Use Sponge Mop For Cleaning Tile Floors

stair vacuum cleaner

Ceramic tile floors is beautiful, and it’s easy to clean them. But the problem is if you clean your ceramic tile floors with a sponge mop that will create dirt into the grout. And it is tough to remove dirt out of the grout. So make sure that you don’t use any sponge mop for cleaning tile floors. If you ask for advice, I will suggest to use stair vacuum cleaner to clean the ceramic or tile floors and stair.

8. Never Use Acidic Cleaner For Natural Wood Floor 

Pressure Washer

The natural wood floor is a beautiful thing. If you want to keep it as it is for a longer time, then you should avoid using acidic cleaner for cleaning it. Do you know why acidic cleaner is forbidden for cleaning the natural wood floor? The acidic cleaner will make your natural wood floor faded and dull from time to time. Instead of using acidic cleaner use neutral floor cleaner with Pressure Washer, you can buy this type of natural wood floor cleaner from the shop.

9. Use Bleach To Remove Stains From Vinyl Floor

Use bleach to remove stains

Vinyl floor is another beauty when you think of floors. But vinyl floor attracts stains more than any other floors. If your vinyl floor has severe stains and it’s become hard to clean that, then bleach is the only answer for you. So how to remove stains from the vinyl floor with the help of bleach? To do that you need to make a bleach cleaning solution, soak the stains in bleach solution then scrub the stain, do this process a few times until the stains remove entirely. By doing this, your vinyl floor will come to its former condition.

10. Air Dry Your Floor

open all of windows

What should I do after cleaning the floor? After cleaning your floor, you should air-dry your floor. Just open all of your windows, and your floor will dry on its own. Don’t try to dry the floor yourself. If your floor has streaks after cleaning, then you can dry the floor yourself.

Final Words

If you follow the above tips for cleaning the floor, then you will be able to clean your floor successfully. Let me know if you have any special tips for cleaning the floor in the comment box below.

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