Tips to Find Furniture for Short & Petite People

Not many furniture are featured dedicatedly for the short people. Even if there are some available on the market, often it’s not easy to find.

So, shout out to the short, cute people out there, because here we are gonna get you covered.

In this article we would be sharing some tips to find furniture specifically for short and petite people. Let’s check them out.

1. Choose The Right Keywords for Google Search

Google Search

No wonder, if we are looking for something, the first thing we do is Googling it. But you need to make sure that you are doing it right. Keep your keyword as exact as possible and keep it short.

When searching for a particular furniture item (sofa, recliner or chair for example) for short people, type your keyword in exact words and then add “for short people”.

Hopefully you will get your desired furniture within the first search result page.

2. Check Amazon Reviews

Check Amazon Reviews

If you are a big fan of Amazon, then you can directly search in the Amazon search bar. Similarly explained in the previous section, you can put in the exact keyword and find your desired furniture.

Even if you do not get it right, you should look into Amazon’s recommendations and other buyers’ reviews for your search.

3. Look for the Right Size and Height

Furniture for Short People

Sometimes you get a lot of amazing designs and features for the furniture you are intending to buy.

Many sellers might be selling a perfect product for you, but probably they are not marketing it precisely for Short and Petite people.

So, you must go for the features they are offering rather than the title they are promoting. Say for example, you are searching for a recliner for short people. Hence, you can search for a low profile recliner besides searching for a “Recliner for Short People” as well.

Check the size and height to select the best one that matches your height and ensure maximum comfort.

4. Ask in the Furniture-Related Forums

Furniture-Related Forums

Another smart way to find out the perfect furniture is to ask for recommendations in several popular forums such as Reddit, Quora, Stack Overflow and many others.

There are some forums dedicatedly discussing furniture like Houzz and WoodWeb. You can find buyers and sellers there who actively post and answer people’s questions about furniture.

It is a good way to find the best suitable furniture for any group of people there.

5. Choose Height Adjustable Furniture

Height Adjustable Furniture

If you still can’t find any perfect sized furniture, then try to go for height adjustable furniture.

Specially chairs, sofa, recliners, swings— these are the furniture where the height and size matters for people with different heights.

There are many height adjustable rotating chairs, gaming chairs, recliners and etc. available in the market.

You can adjust it for yourself, so can your other family members if they want to use it.

6. Go and Check-it-out Physically

check out the productsphysically

More or less we all have become quite dependent on online shopping. But, the experience is not always so pleasant.

In fact, it's always a good idea to go to shops and check out the products physically when it comes to ensure quality, look, feel and comfort at the same time.

For short and petite people this is a very good idea if you can visit your local furniture stores physically and choose a perfect fit for your height.

7. Opt for Custom-made Furniture

Custom-made Furniture

Just because we have recommended you visiting the stores physically a few moments earlier, don't rush.

This pandemic has completely changed our lifestyle. And now, it isn't a good time to visit stores and buy products physically.

So, what is the alternative way if you still cannot find the most suitable furniture considering your height?

The solution is to make yours with customised design, size, and material. Many manufacturers and retailers out there are offering solutions for custom-made furniture.

Hopefully these seven tips can help short and petite people find the right furniture in no time.

Final Thoughts

People have their own ways and preferences for choosing furniture. But it gets a little tricky for people with specific requirements to fulfill.

Short or tall, fat or lean, people may have different choices of their own.


I am Vera Watson. Drawing The House is a dream that was conceived when I saw a niche in consumer guide on almost everything in our homes. My main aim is to help you save money by testing the products you need and recommending you the best of them all. I believe in the family as an institution and the first way to make a family happy is providing the best for them.

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