How to Extend Your Interior Design to the Outdoors – Creating Cohesion

Are you the type that has spent a lot of time and energy on the interior design of your home? Do you take great pride in making each room the perfect reflection of the kind of décor and design elements you enjoy, and of course making the space functional all at the same time? 

Interior design is one of those things that many homeowners will dabble in over the years, and often the emphasis is on creating not just a beautiful space, but a cohesive design that flows throughout the entire home. Disjointed rooms that don’t flow from one space to the next tend to be the opposite of what most homeowners are after.

So, what happens if you’ve managed to perfect that cohesion indoors and now you want to carry it outside? Do you want to create a seamless transition from your indoor space to your yard space? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips that can help.

Carry the Same Color Palette

One of the simplest tips and a great place to start is to carry that same color palette from your interior into the exterior design. Just as you used pops of color in your living room, dining room, and kitchen, you can use those same pops outdoors. This can be used in the pillows on the outdoor furniture, the outdoor dishes, a large patio umbrella, and even in the flowers you plant in your garden.

Use the Same Types of Materials

Another tip is to use some of the same materials you have used in your interior design concept. Let's say for example you use a lot of brass, or natural stone in your interior design, you can then use those same items outdoors. 

Create a Lounge Area Outdoors

It’s also wise to incorporate a seating area or lounging space in your outdoor design that has the same feel and style as the indoors. Not only does this help with cohesion, but it helps to make your outdoor space that much more functional.

Work with a Professional Landscaper

Just because interior design is something you feel passionate about, and tackle with ease, it doesn’t mean exterior design also comes naturally for you. Your home’s interior may be a perfect reflection of you and your personal style, but hitting those same notes with the exterior can be trickier. This is when it can be beneficial to work with a professional landscaper.

Working with a landscaper such as KG Landscape will give you a chance to discuss how you see the exterior in your mind, and how you approached the indoors. They can then bridge that divide and offer ideas and designs that you may not have even thought of. You can actually work with the designer to ensure that all your wants and needs are reflected in the final look.

A Complete Design from Indoors to Outdoors

By using these tips, you’ll be able to create a much more complete design style from the indoors straight to the outdoors.

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