6 Exceptional Indicators You Need a Roof Replacement

Items age and become outdated due to wear and tear processes. This process is not different for the roof of your property. It will age and reach a maximum useable limit. This will happen regardless of the type of roofing material you install in your house. 

Sometimes, you can fix you roof through a simple repay. But it reaches a point where replacement is the best solution. Many homeowners cannot tell when it is time for such action. You too might be in this category. The reality is there are many red flags and indictors of a roof replacement need. Here are some of them:

Your Roof Exceeded Its Life Expectancy

Like any other product, roof have a maximum life expectancy. They do not last forever. But unlike human and plants, you can replace your roof when its life is over. The roof lifespan depends on the material used. 

Some materials like asphalt shingles lasts between 20 and 50 years. Metal roof will serve you for 40 to 80 years and can go to 70 and 80 years if it’s made of copper. A zinc roof can go up to a 100 years.  When you combine wood shake and shingles, the roof can last for 25 to 50 years. Concrete/clay tiles serves you for up to 100years while slate roof can have a lifespan of 175 years.

 If your roof is on its final days, you need to a replacement. Going for repair will only be a waste of time and money.

Exterior Damages on The Roof

Is your roof having a significant exterior damages? Though you roof is new, performing some exterior inspections is important. Check out for cracks, spots, or dented areas. Assess all areas that are likely to suffer damages. When you view a series of spots and cracks, it is a good sign that your roof require a replacement.

If you need help in roof inspections and roof repairs, Mighty Dog Roofing in Ann Arbor can ensure that your roof will be in great hands.  

Droopy and Saggy Spots 

Another indicator of a need to replace your roof is a series of droopy and saggy spots. These elements are a sign of you’re a weak decking material. It shows that moisture has caused a significant damage and replacement is the only solution. 

One way to ascertain this aspect is a walk on the roof. But it should be safe to do it. If you notice your roof has a spongy feel while walking, you do not need to think twice. Consider reaching out to a roof replacement company. Otherwise you can expect extensive damages from roof leaks. 

Daylight Penetration

Natural light penetration is a desire for every homeowner. But this should not be through the roof. If you notice that your roof is letting in some daylight, you can confirm of a possible damage. The roof could be having some holes and leaking points that are allowing light penetration. So, when you notice this aspect, replacing the roof should be the next step.

The Roof Tiles are Loose

Every year it is essential to conduct a roof inspection. When performing the assessment, check whether there are some loose roof tiles. You can do this by stepping on them. When you notice there are a series of loose tiles, it should be an indicator of the need to replace your roof. 

Weak roof can cave in easily. When assessing the roof tile looseness, ensure you do it quickly to avoid injuries from caving in of the material. So, numerous loose tiles are a sign of roof requiring a restoration.  

Mortars are Falling    

Mortars are crucial elements in your roof.  By checking their state, you can no whether it is time to replace it or not. The mortars are used in the roof bedding junctions and verges. The material used to make them have a short lifespan. In this essence, you need to assess them frequently.

Mortars degenerate faster due to exposure to extreme weather conditions. This aspect makes ridges and verges very susceptible to cracking. When there are strong winds, they can easily get dislodged and fall off. 

A falling mortar is an indicator of ending lifespan of your roof. You can repair the mortars but only way to fix the issue is through a replacement. So, when you notice this aspect on your property, it is time to consider a roof restoration.

Wrapping Up

In a word, roof is an essential part of your property. You can use any roofing material to make your house attractive. But despite this, the roof will serve you for a given period. What will happen next is a need for a roof reinstallation. Checking the above signs will inform you when the right time for replacing your roof comes.  

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