List of Essential Pots and Pans Every Kitchen Should Have

Pans and Pots are two types of kitchen cookware that you should have in your kitchen. Without pots and pans, you will not get a good cooking experience. Pots and pans are not the only things that you have in your kitchen because there are a few more items that also help you cook some good food. Well, talking about kitchen pans and pots, you probably want to know some essential pots and pans that you need to have.

I. Nonstick Skillet

Nonstick Skillet

First of all, you may consider buying nonstick skillet to support your cooking experience. This kind of pan is the most favorite choice for many moms in the world. Somehow, you can choose 10 up to 12 inches nonstick skillet which is also featured with ceramic coating. This type of cookware is suitable for cooking eggs, seafood, breaded items, and much more. Since it uses ceramic coating, you will easily clean the pan. This non stick cookware product is also good for cooking vegetables, saute meat, and much more. We would not recommend you to use metal utensils to preserve the coating. Also, you should not put the pan in a dishwasher. Simply, you can soak it in the water, then you can use a soft cloth to clean the surface manually.

2. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

If you need basic essential pots and pans, then a Dutch oven is a must to have. A Dutch oven is a kind of cooking pot which is quite popular among modern people. This cookware product has a very strong construction thanks to the design which uses thick side and bottom. Unlike a regular pan, a dutch oven is preferable because it also has a lid to cover the food when cooking. This dutch oven is made from enameled cast iron. We would recommend you to choose a heavy 5 to 6 quart that is perfect for regular cooking. When buying a dutch oven, you have to make sure that it is thick to prevent hot spots and so it can distribute heat evenly.

3. Stockpot


If you want to cook a lot of food, then you probably like this 8 to 10-quart stockpot which is great for a party. This stockpot is a type of cookware that every mom must-have. With this pot, you can cook big batches of soup, boil a lot of water, and much more. This stockpot is made from stainless steel which can evenly distribute heat and make the cooking process fast. That's why top rated stainless steel cookware should be your first priority. But, when you want to buy this kind of stockpot, you have to check the handles that must be durable. Since the handles are usually made from iron, you need gloves to lift it because the handles may be hot.

4. Saucepan


A saucepan is a small pot that basically has straight and tall sides with 3 up to 4 quart. The design is made in order to prevent fast moisture loss which is usually necessary for steaming., whipping up lemon curd, making soup or sauce, balancing, and much more. Keep in mind that the saucepan must also have a thick bottom and wall so that it can distribute heat evenly. Also, you are not recommended to use a regular non-anodized aluminum pot or cast iron pot for sauces because the surface may be reactive which basically will alter and discolor the taste of tomato and butter. One more thing, you also have to buy a saucepan that has a lid.

5. Straight-Sided Saute Pan

Straight-Sided Saute Pan

If you need a Basic Cooking Set with a larger design, then you probably would prefer to choose a straight-sided saute pan. This is a kind of modern pan that usually has a size about 10 up t0 14 inches for big cooking. It is wide but it is not high as a usual pan. It tends to be like a pot rather than a pan. This saute pan is perfect for shallow frying, all manned of single-pot dishes, and tossing pasta. The bottom side is flat and you need to make sure that the material is good enough so that it can distribute heat evenly and perfectly. It is good to choose straight-sided saute pan which is made from the copper core, aluminum, or stainless steel. Also, you need to pay attention to its handles and make sure that they are comfortable.

6. Roasting Pan

Roasting Pan

Next, if are looking for some Essential Pots and Pans, then you also must not forget the roasting pan. It is quite practical and very sturdy which is used for roasting. If you wish to cook a large piece of chicken, pork, lamb, and beef, then the roasting pan must be a perfect choice. The design is not like a regular pan, but it has a square design. The material is made from stainless steel with a thick bottom. The handles are also strong but it is not coated with rubber.

7. Cast Iron Grill Pan

Cast Iron Grill Pan

If you like to grill meat, then you need cast iron grill pan as one of the most favorite essential pots and pons that you must have. It is basically used on top of your stove and has a square design with a lower wall. You can almost cook anything on this plan such as vegetables, chicken, fruit, and even kebabs. Cast iron is the preferred material for this kind of pan because it can distribute heat evenly.

8. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

If you want more Basic Cooking Set, a cast-iron skillet is the right choice for you which has an old fashioned design made from cast iron. It looks so perfect and not too expensive to afford. This is the must-have skillet in your kitchen for simple cooking. Many people will think about this kind of pan when they want to cook eggs, chicken, etc.


Finally, those are some Essential Pots and Pans that every homeowner must have in their kitchen. Somehow, you only have to choose your favorite brands that sell high-quality kitchen cookware. You also need to consider the material used before buying. Make sure it is safe, comfortable, and of course affordable.  

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