Going Green: Eco-Friendly Updates For Your Home

When it comes time to upgrade your home, you have to consider several factors to pull the project off without a hitch. Cost is probably the primary concern, as you have to factor in the price of materials, as well as any labor required to complete more complex upgrades.

Aesthetic appeal is also important, as curb value places a significant role in setting the price of a home.

A third factor has emerged in recent years, and it involves paying close attention to following the best eco-friendly tips for updating your home.

If you have not heard, green is the new mantra for 21st century homeowners. How you decide to go green includes the following ideas.

Exterior Doors that Save You Money

Exterior Doors

Cracked and worn down interior doors do a poor job of trapping heat and keeping cold air out of your home. Heat escaping to the great outdoors causes money to escape from your wallet. Tal Hassam of ETO Doors reports that sales are up for Eco friendly doors as the popularity of “going green” grows.

Certified and energy efficient exterior doors not only will trap heat during winter, they will also prevent blazing hot days from intruding into your home during the summer months. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to replacing exterior doors, including corrosion resistant steel and impervious to strong impacts fiberglass.

It is not just the type of material that makes an exterior door energy efficient. You should consider exterior doors that come with at least double paned insultation to prevent both hot and cold air from entering your home.

Make sure the new exterior door is tightly fitted, with special attention paid to adding a couple layers of weather resistant strips around the perimeter of each door. Many exterior doors are constructed already drilled and framed to give you an easy do it yourself installation project.

Add Large, Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Take the energy efficient lesson you learned by installing new exterior doors, and apply the lesson to adding large, energy efficient windows. You want to focus on the areas of your home that receive the most exposure to the sun. The more sunlight coming into your home translates into less fossil fuel energy you need to burn for warming and illuminating your home.

Large, energy efficient windows that face south represent an effective strategy for warming and lighting up your home during winter. Make sure to purchase eco-friendly large windows that are properly sealed and insulated.

Reclaimed Wood Helps the Environment

Reclaimed Wood

Wood represents one of the most common materials used to update the look of a home. From replacing old wood used to manufacture furniture to hanging wood panels around the fireplace, you can expect to use plenty of wood for the next home upgrade.

Wood is a finite resource and as you probably know, a quickly dwindling resource in some of the most delicate ecosystems of the world. Do your part to ensure the sustainability of wood by purchasing reclaimed wood from a reputable vendor. Trees do a great job of recycling air to reduce pollution.

If you plan to build a new wooden kitchen countertop or replace a wood door, make reclaimed wood the material of choice for the next home upgrade project.

Remove Toxins from Carpeting

non-toxic carpet

Going green involves a lot more than protecting the environment. It also requires you to purchase green products that protect the health of you and your family. Many types of carpets contain adhesives that are referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which when inhaled, can cause physical distress symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

Fortunately, you have several non-toxic carpet options, as well as more affordable flooring material options that include wood or laminate. Non-carpet flooring options are also effective at delivering energy efficient savings.

Take Going Green Outdoors

landscaping projects

One of the most affordable ways to increase the value of your home is to focus on do it yourself landscaping projects. How your front lawn looks is an important factor in determining the curb appeal of your home. The key is to implement green friendly landscaping practices that shun the use of harmful pesticides and the creation of a garden that leaches soil nutrients.

Focus on nurturing a garden full of natural plants, which are plants that grow naturally in a certain area. You will need less water to replenish the plants, as well as have plants that naturally fend off pests and diseases.

One of the most popular landscaping trends is to grow native plants in a raingarden, which is a shallow garden designed to look like a bowl. The bowl-shaped design collects most of the runoff of water that travels from the lawn, the gutter, and the sidewalk.

Change Out Energy Draining Appliances

Smart home technology

The sustainability movement has impacted how manufacturers design and construct appliances. Although the cost of switching out appliances appears to be prohibitive for your home improvement budget, the fact remains that the amount of money you save on energy bills should eventually cover the cost of replacing energy draining appliances.

Focus on the appliances you use the most, such as the stove and dishwasher. Look for an eco-label on an appliance to ensure you are truly going green.

One more thing you should know making eco-friendly changes that update your home: Smart home technology gives you control over setting the thermostat, as well as control over turning on and off lights. Integrating smart home accessories in your home is an effective way to go green and save money.

  • Tip: Insulation grants are available under the government's ECO scheme. Free-insulation-grants.co.uk can help you access insulation grants.


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