The 5 Most Common Driveway Repairs

The appearance of your driveway might not be at the top of your priority list when looking to update your home; however, there may be some signs to look out for so that you can understand what damage they can cause and how they should be repaired. Repairing them earlier rather than later will update the look of your driveway and might be able to save you extra time and money later on. Below are five of the most common driveway repair solutions to know about.

1. Any Cracks or Lines?

It is worth looking out for any cracks or lines in your driveway as they can start small and be quite unnoticeable, but once left untreated, they can grow and affect the foundations of your driveway. A common way to repair these cracks will include removing the debris from in-between them and have them filled by a professional to prevent them from spreading further.

2. Crumbling at the Sides?

Often, asphalt driveways will crumble at the sides due to a poor construction effort when spreading the material and causing too much build up in the center and not being thick enough at the sides. A common repair tip for this damage is to build a brick border around the outside to prevent any further crumbling and create a much neater appearance.

3. Are There Stains on Your Driveway?

Although not a serious problem to the structure of your driveway, stains can affect the appearance of it and luckily can often be erased. Oil stains are the most common and can be erased using a detergent or driveway cleaner, specific for the material that your driveway is made from. You can do this yourself using a stiff, long-handled brush, followed by rinsing the areas with a hose.

4. Holes in Your Driveway?

Cavities, also known as potholes, can lead to a serious problem regarding the structure of your driveway and potentially the foundations of your whole house since these allow water to seep beneath the structure and soften it. Fortunately, these holes can be repaired by removing the debris and filling them. This is usually better done by a professional, but it can be attempted by yourself using products purchased at DIY stores or online.

5. A Large Gap Between Your Driveway and the Street?

This is known as a ‘sunken apron’ and can begin merely as an eyesore, although it can turn into a severe issue later down the line if left untreated. This is best repaired by a professional company, such as Erickson Asphalt, who will completely remove the old apron and fill all of the cavities, before applying new, hot asphalt to create a smoother appearance between your driveway and curb or garage.


There are a number of ways in which your driveway might need attending to, but now that you understand the signs and how to repair them, you might be able to catch issues before they pose a risk to your whole driveway and home.

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