What Are Double Pane Windows and How Do They Benefit Your Home?

Can you feel a draft whenever you sit by a window in your home? Even if you have storm windows, many times cold air can still find its way into your home.

Instead of turning up the heat or wrapping yourself in a blanket, double-pane energy-efficient windows can solve your problem. By replacing older windows with double-paned, it will help keep your home warm and cozy.

Read more about double pane windows, and how they can drive the chill out of your home.

What Are Double Pane Windows?

What Are Double Pane Windows

You might hear them called double pane, double glazed, thermal or dual pane windows. But, these terms all refer to energy-efficient windows made with two closely-spaced windows.

In between the two windows is dead-air space. The two window panes are sealed together around the edges and held apart by hollow, tubular spacers. This creates a dehydrated air space between the panes.

It's the space between the dual pane windows that reduces cold air and sounds from traveling into your home.

How Do Double Pane Windows Work?

The energy efficiency of windows is represented by R-value, which means resistance to heat flow. If your windows have high R-values, they lose less heat than those with low R-values.

The R-value of traditional single-pane windows can be as low as 0.9 if you don't have any storm windows or tinting. The rating also lowers if the windows have metal frames.

According to Energy.gov, fiberglass frames have superior thermal efficiency compared to metal, wood or vinyl.

Double-paned windows have almost twice the R-value of single-pane windows. The typical R-value of dual pane windows is 1.75 but some have an R-value up to 9.

What Are Double Pane Windows Benefits?

Replacing single-pane windows with double panes offers you a multitude of benefits for your home.

1. Reduce Outside Noise

According to WCMA Window & Door, double glazed windows can reduce outside noise, making your home quieter and calmer. They also reduce the noise that travels outside. So, if you're playing loud music, you don't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Reduce Outside Noise

There's a standard measure for noise. It's known as Sound Transmission Class (STC). If you follow STC standards, a measurement from 28 to 38 means 90 percent noise reduction.

Because of the glass thickness and air space in double pane windows, the STC rating averages about 30. Single pane windows average about 27.

2. Increase Property Value

With attractive designs and style options available for double pane windows, you increase your curb appeal. New windows make your whole house look better and more energy-efficient.

This boosts your home's value. In fact, a report from CNBC says that updating your windows can increase your ROI by 85 percent.

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning double pane windows is as simple as gathering your window washing solution, a squeegee and a few rags.

Clean and Maintain Windows

You can make your own window-washing solution by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar with one quart of water. Just spray it on the windows and use your squeegee to wipe it off.

Cleaning double pane windows regularly will keep them clear and clean.

4. Decrease in Energy Consumption

If you have double pane windows installed in your home, you can lower your energy usage by 24 percent. This saves you money on your heating and cooling bills. Some high-end dual pane windows can save you up to 50 percent.

In addition to saving money, by using less energy, you decrease your carbon footprint. This is because you burn less fossil fuel, which emits carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

5. Maintain Home Comfort Levels

More efficient windows insulate the interior of your home much better than single-pane windows. This allows for more efficient heating and air conditioning, which keeps every room in your home more comfortable.

Maintain Home Comfort Levels.jpg

You won't have one room that's more drafty than another. This also helps to save energy because you won't struggle to heat a chilly room while the others are warm.

6. Better Insulation for Less Condensation

If you have single-pane windows, you know how the cold weather can cause condensation on your windows. When condensation forms, it causes drops of water to run down the window.

Most likely, you don't run around your house with a rag wiping up the water as it forms on your window sills. The problem is that the puddling water damages the finish on your wooden sills. Not only that, but mold can grow in the damp areas surrounding your windows.

Since double pane windows have better insulation, less condensation forms. This prevents mold and water damage.

7. Reduce Ultraviolet Light

Are you closing your drapes to block the sun from fading your carpets and furniture fabrics? Unfortunately, when you do this, you preserve your furnishings, but you can't look out your windows.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are huge contributors to discoloration and fading of fabrics and floors. Did you know that even if it's a cloudy day UV light can still damage your furnishings?

Reduce Ultraviolet Light

Standard glass windows allow almost 100 percent of UV-A light to shine into your home.
Replacing your standard windows with double pane windows with low-E (low-emissivity) glass insulate your home from up to 85 percent of harmful UV light.

What to Consider When Choosing Double Pane Windows

Choosing Double Pane Windows

If you decide to research double pane windows for your home, inspect the different samples in the home improvement or window store. Take into account the following window options:

  • Window type, such as fixed and operable
  • Glazing type for energy efficiency and UV protection
  • Frame materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and wood
  • Energy performance and rating
  • Warranties

Before selecting your windows, keep in mind that price isn't always an indicator of quality and performance. Once you've done your homework, you'll be able to choose the most energy-efficient windows for your needs.

Save Money and Stay Comfortable

If you're looking to save money, conserve energy and protect your furniture, high-performance, double pane windows might be the right choice for you. With double pane windows, you can do your part in eliminating greenhouse gases while keeping your home cozy and comfortable for years to come.

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