DIY Home Painting Tips From the Pros

Many homeowners want to do painting work on their own. While others do it because they have the skills, some wish to save some part of their budget. However, DIY painting can be risky as well. While you are saving money by eliminating professional fees, the project can go horribly wrong, especially if it is your first time.

 Good thing, we have gathered the best DIY home painting tips from our Neighbourhood Painters based in St Catharines Ontario. Make sure to read and understand these suggestions so you can successfully execute your weekend or summer painting project.

Paint During Dry Weather

When planning to paint or repaint your property, you need the right weather conditions to do it. The best time to do the work is during dry weather. As much as possible, avoid humid days because paint can drip and slow down the drying process. However, for those who cannot wait for the dry season and need pain under humidity, try using a quick-drying paint. It will help in correcting their errors before they move to the next coat.

Do A Thorough Inspection and Preparation

If you are an amateur DIYer, you can easily get overwhelmed by the idea of painting your own house. Shake off this feeling by starting the work right. You must first do a thorough inspection of your walls or other areas that you want to paint. Check for cracks, flakes, or peels, and make sure that they scraped or sanded before you apply new primer and paint. Skipping this step will only lead to a waste of time and money. Wash the walls or areas to be painted with soap and rinse using clean water. Your walls must be completely free from dust, dirt, and other materials that could spoil the beauty of your paint.

Purchase High-quality Materials

Do not focus on the quality of paint alone. Buying excellent paint must also require the best application materials, such as brushes, roller covers, and even the painter's tape. With high-quality tools, you can be confident about your project's result, as long as you are doing it the right way. High-end brushes and roller cover mean excellent coverage, while quality painter's tape is handy for sealing out drips as well as blurs.

Cover Areas That Should Not Be Painted

Since you cannot avoid making a mess while painting, you need to protect anything that you would not want to be painted or stained during the work. Before starting with your paint project, you must cover the floor, pieces of furniture, and hardware. These areas could be accidentally stained if you fail to protect them.

Use A Separate Primer

The combination of paint and primer can be considered if you have a clean and smooth surface. However, if your walls have been painted for more than ten years, or you find issues on it, professionals highly recommend that you use a separate primer. This tip will guarantee that your output is as clean and smooth as you have imagined.

Prepare The Right Amount Of Paint

This part is commonly referred to as "boxing" your paint. You can ask for some help with your salesperson to determine the estimated amount of paint that is needed for your project, and you can buy them at once. When you have all the materials, combine the paint in a large container, then mix it well. It will help keep the consistency of your color from the start to the end of your work.

Start From The Top

Now that you have prepared your paint and your high-quality brushes and roller, you are ready to paint. When painting, you need to start from the top, then go all the way down to the bottom. For the edges of your walls and ceiling, you can use your brushes. For the ceiling, you can apply the paint using your roller. Don't worry about drips and spatters, because they are natural for amateurs. If you continue doing this DIY project, you will eventually learn how to work like a pro.


Some house painting jobs are better left to the professionals. However, if you want to learn this type of skill, you can start with small sections of your house like the den or your backyard. Follow these DIY tips from the professionals, and you will have a better result in your paint project.

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