How to Design a Workout Room or Home Gym

We all know that physical activities are essential for our well-being and health. So, why not invest in a home gym and ensure a healthier life? Nowadays, many houses have dumbbells or treadmills, but having a workout room is more than just accumulating different equipment. It is the product of a carefully designed, functional and motivating space.

The gym doesn't have to be big; in fact, any space can function as a mini gym. The equipment you choose must be the one that is suitable for you, your training plan, and your fitness goal, just like Garage gym builder showed us.

The Perfect Space Depends on Your Goals

space workout room

To establish the ideal size of your home gym, think about activities that you will do in such a space.

If the objective is only aerobic, a reduced space, well divided into an area for aerobic equipment (bicycles, treadmills, among others) and another for ground and stretching practices is more than enough. If the goal is to lose weight, a good treadmill with integrated TV in a cozy environment like a terrace will do just fine.

Plan Carefully

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If your goal is to set up a more complete gym, you are going to need a larger area that allows a third segmentation of the space. It is a place where weight training equipment is going to be placed. But don’t forget to research all available devices regarding weight training.

There is a great number of equipment and devices you can choose from, regarding weight training. Some of those devices offer you several exercise programs in one machine while occupying very little space. In order not to avoid making any mistakes when buying equipment, keep in mind the space limitations. 

Light and Temperature

light and temperature

Use natural ventilation and lighting whenever possible. This tends to provide a pleasant thermal sensation throughout the execution of physical exercises. For this reason, many people choose the coldest room in their house for a home gym.

If the natural lighting is not enough, use fluorescent or LED lamps. In fact, the installation of the lighting system must be designed so as not to obscure the user's vision while exercising.

If your home gym becomes hot and humid while you are exercising, you might want to rethink how to upgrade the ventilation system you (don’t) have. It is a good idea to have the home gym in a separate heating and air conditioning system or, at least, to be controlled as a separate area from the main system so that it does not affect the temperature in other rooms.

Beauty and Practicality

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Consider color as an ally; choose those colors that inspire you to use your home gym. Decorate your space and make it personal. Put up inspiring wall stickers or a blackboard on which you will write the series of exercises and stretches to be repeated daily, as well as your progress.

We change all the time. We are more motivated to work out on Monday than on Friday. One way to create different scenarios is to install changing light and sound.

You can have a general light, but also make it possible to change the lighting easily with indirect lights like those behind mirrors and panels. Even colored light bulbs, like those in nightclubs, can be used. Having a surround sound will also stimulate you to exercise more.

Make It Fun!

Funny home gym

Television, music players and sound systems are a must-have in today's gyms. To keep your training space free from scratches and clutter, mount your audio and video equipment on a wall or a ceiling. Make sure to position the TV at a comfortable height so you can watch it when you are on an elevated device, such as a bicycle or elliptical machine.

If the person is in shape or simply likes to see itself while working out, it is nice to have a large mirror. Otherwise, use a mirror just in front of the devices that will need posture correction. You can also make your workout environment more attractive if you create different scenarios, in order to keep up with changes in temperament throughout the day and week.

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