How to Design the Perfect Montessori Toddler Room

Organizing a child's room is always a moment of joy for parents. The Montessori Method recommends making the room a pleasant space with simple decorations, designed for the child's development. You can design a Montessori room for a child of any age, but the ideal time would be to create it right after your child is born.

Follow these simple steps regarding the room design, and look at more resources here about perfect Montessori toys. In this way, you will be sure the room you created is perfect.

What is a Montessori Room?

montessori room

If it is possible, it is advisable to choose the quietest room in the house, all in order to provide a sense of security for your child. The atmosphere of the space should be calm and relaxing, the decor should be refined and simple.

The choice of objects is also very important. But above all, everything should be easy to store and within reach of your child (toys, accessories ...). Your child must be able to move in a suitable space, without obstacles in its path. The goal is to make the children autonomous as soon as possible, without requiring much intervention from parents.

Basically, you should create a room fully suitable for kids and not at all for adults.

The Montessori Bed

montessori bed

The main idea of the Montessori Method of Education is to allow a child to have the opportunity to move around alone in its room. That is why there must be a bed that allows the child to go to bed and get out of it alone. In this case, the best option is a bed that is almost at floor level.

In addition, this type of furniture allows the child to have a complete view of his room. You can even get a full sized toddler bed that has Safety Guardrails.

How to Organize Toys?

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Toys, of course, must also be accessible to prevent the child from asking for help from its parents. However, avoid those boxes where all the toys are placed in the pile because that doesn’t make children wanting a quality play and it makes their differentiation difficult.

To improve the organization, divide toys by their type (musical instruments, Lego, food, cars, etc.) in separate boxes. That way you’re your child will be more animated during play and more concentrated on a specific activity. It may seem curious, but children like everything to have its place - it is a way of teaching them to tidy up and, above all, to be organized.

The Montessori Wardrobe

Montessori wardrobe

When the child is old enough to choose its clothes and dress by itself, make sure the clothes are accessible and visible. It is a way of giving the child more autonomy and security. It doesn’t matter if their outfit isn’t perfect. What is important is making a safe space for a child to express itself, and trust your kid that it is capable of making choices.

What Other Tips Should You Take into Account?

montessori mirror

A mirror in a children’s room is a classic layout of a Montessori space. It promotes learning and autonomy. Placed horizontally, at the bottom of the floor, the mirror allows children to have a more imaginative play. It also develops the child's awareness, as it gradually recognizes itself.

In this way, the child begins to play with its own image. When it grows up, the mirror is positioned upright to help your child get dressed. But until then, it is a learning and playing tool.

How to Do a Montessori Room Decoration?

Montessori room decoration

In decorative terms, everyone does what they like best, but there are two things to avoid:

Huge patterns and designs on the walls that tend to be distracting are a no. Being in a room with very “loud“ walls does not help children at all and it disrupts their everyday concentration.

Also, avoid painting walls in the children's room into darker colors. Although they are very fashionable, those colors make the environment very heavy. The child needs a bright room, as it is more relaxing and comforting. Lightwood, white or pastel colors are excellent alternatives to decorate a child's room.

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