A Genius Hack to Decorate Your Home Using Custom Cut Glass and Mirrors

A big mirror in any interior space adds appeal, beauty, and function. Placed strategically, they also reflect pattern, shape, and color from objects on the other side of the space to the wall where they are hung. But mirrors do more than just add a unique decorative touch and appeal to an interior space. If you want a home that reflects your personal taste and style, consider getting custom cut mirrors. With your existing furniture, custom cut mirror pieces can add beauty and visual charm to your place.

Here are 7 ways you can decorate your home using custom cut glass and mirrors:

1. Upgrade Your Shelving

glass shelves

You can introduce visual appeal into your interior space by updating your shelving with glass. Glass shelves allow you to explore a range of creative design options. To achieve a modern yet minimalist look, use wall brackets as the base for the glass shelves to create a “floating” feel.

If you have a wooden bookshelf, you can upgrade it by replacing the wood with custom cut glass. You wouldn’t need to do a total revamp of the bookshelf, as you can still retain the framework of the existing shelf. This way, you’d open up your interior space and add a decorative touch to your room.

2. Integrate Custom Cut Mirrors into an Old Armoire or Cabinet

armoire doors with custom cut mirrors

Wooden furniture is so special and classic, but fitting a range of decorative ideas into a modern home with wooden furniture can be a challenge. Though some wood stains and finishes look comforting and beautiful, dark wood can make your home feel cramped and small. What’s more, wooden materials tend to have scratches or dings as they get older, and this can detract from its intended finish.

Replacing your cabinet or armoire doors with custom cut mirrors is a genius way to refresh your interior space. Not only will the glass eliminate any imperfections that may have stained the doors, but it allows you to see and enjoy all of the contents therein.

3. Introduce Custom Mirrors to Brighten Your Space

custom mirrors

Integrating custom mirrors into your room is a great way to introduce lighting into a space without actually updating your lighting. Rather than visiting a local home goods discount store for a small, poorly framed mirror, measure the wall next to the primary light source in the room, then order a custom cut mirror with neat edges to add light and décor to the room. For the further information of the brighten mirror go here.

4. Add Custom Glass Elements to a Table

table with a glass top

An end or coffee table with a glass top adds appeal and airiness to the room. The glass can be cut into whatever size or shape you require – square, rectangle, circle, oval, or even daring and creative shapes – to complement the existing design and layout of your room. Place the custom-designed table in an area where it reflects light to increase its appeal.

5. Adorn Your Patio with Custom Mirrors

Patio with Custom Mirrors

Another unique and quirky way to use custom cut mirrors is to take it to your outdoor space. Custom cut mirrors can give your patio a beautiful and appealing look. You can have the mirrors finished with a frame that complements your patio’s design and style. For instance, for an old-world patio, you may add an ornate frame to the mirrors. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you could also install the mirror in the background to give it the look of a proper chef’s kitchen.

6. Add Custom Mirrors to your Stairway

mirror at bottom of the stairway

One attractive way to use custom cut mirrors is to add them to your stairway. If this form of décor placement appeals to you, you should consider two options. The first one involves placing the mirror at the bottom of the stairway. This helps to open up the visual space and make it more attractive. The second way you can achieve this décor placement is by placing the mirror in such a way that it reflects the allure of the wall behind the stairway as well as the balustrade.

7. Add Custom Mirrors to Complement your Fireplace

Add Mirrors to Fireplace

Mirrors are typically mounted atop a mantle. However, you can add a unique touch to your placement by having a custom cut mirror designed to fit the dimensions of your fireplace. You could also add a custom frame that complements the style of the mantle to achieve a more harmonic pattern.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering a makeover for your home? Then get creative with custom cut mirrors to promote your personal style and improve the ambiance of your home. With a little touch of creativity, custom cut mirrors can refresh your home and make it as clean as the spring air.

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