5 Proven Tips to Deal with Water Damage

Water damage is a common issue. It can happen due to the breakdown of a pipe, leakage of pipe, or maybe your area got affected by a flood. It can be a situation of stress and panic. You may not be able to think about what needs to be at such a time.

The situation may even turn worse if immediate steps are not considered.

This blog guides you in-depth on how you should tackle such a situation.

1. Safety is Must

Flood and water damage can be a threat to life. You must not take any such step due to which you may get yourself injured. Water can be contaminated thus it can be infectious and thus you cannot move without taking proper precautions. Following precautions should be taken:

  • Switch off the main supply and do not close all the switches to avoid shocks
  • To move in standing water, you must wear rubber boots, gloves, and a head shield
  • Close all the water inlets

It is not safe to move outside so keep yourself put in the place you are and wait for the help to arrive. You should hire a water restoration service that can restore your place to the original condition.

2. Remove The Water Immediately

Standing water can be a big issue as it can harm the structure significantly. It is preferable to remove the water within 24-48 hours after the damage.

Depending on the amount of water on the premises you must evaluate your next step. If the water is in less quantity, then you can remove the water with the help of a bucket. But removing water physically can be very tiring thus if you have an electric or vacuum pump the process will fasten up.

You might need to check for internal leakage and water that might be inside the structure which remains undetected otherwise. Professional water restoration services can conduct a thorough assessment of your house to check the damage.

3. Drying out The Place

The place needs to be dried out after water has been drained out. You need to open all the doors and windows of the place so that fresh air and sunlight can enter the place. Sunlight will kill all the microorganisms and odor in the place.

You can even open all the fans and even ask a restoration service to install dehumidifiers in the place so that water can be dried out completely.

The process should be completed in the first 48 hours so that mildew and mold should no grow on your furniture. Moisture, water, and dampness are suitable conditions for mold growth. They will destroy your furniture and thus you need to dry the place completely.

4. Clean-Up and Disposing of The Place

Once the place is dried out you need to determine which things are salvageable and which are not. You may need to replace the insulation, drywall, or carpeting as they may be destroyed because of standing in water for a long time.

Do not consume any eatables as they may be exposed to bacteria and fungi. You need to through them as they will get contaminated. You also need to remove the mud, debris, waste, or all the electrical material which cannot be used again.

Wear an N-95 mask, rubber boots, and long sleeves shirt and trousers so that you do not need to get any skin and nasal infections. Keep the material that can be used through the rest.

5. Locate The Source of Water

It is essential to identify the source of water so you can rectify the place. Sometimes you may not be able to identify the location thus you need to carry advanced tests to identify them.

Professional restoration services have such equipment which can detect such places. Fault identification will reduce the damage to several folds.

Last Few Words!

Keep yourself calm and relaxed as far as possible. This will ensure that you make the best decision. Once the place is restored you can move back to your house and start living your normal life again. You should hire professional restoration services so that you do not have to carry the burden on yourself and can relax while they restore your home.

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