What to Cook in a Wok: Everything You Need to Know

The concept of a wok can be traced way back to the Chinese. It is gaining popularity worldwide and has made its way into personal kitchens after being used in restaurants for years.

One of the best bowl-shaped stir pans, woks are a highly functional utensil for the kitchen. They were initially made to conserve scarce fuel and are shaped in such a manner that the heat concentrates precisely in the center, helping to cook the food relatively faster, with much less oil than usual pans.

If you do not already have a wok at home, you surely need to get one as soon as possible! These pans are not just helpful in making stir-fries, but they are also suitable for so many different types of cooking techniques!

So let us get a little creative and find out all the things that you can cook in a wok in the comfort of your home!

1. Deep-Fried Potatoes/Chicken

Deep-frying is a cooking technique that involves a high quantity of oil in a deep pan on high heat concentrated in the center, and a wok is an excellent vessel for it! The depth of the pan is ideal for adding the massive amount of oil that a deep-frying recipe needs and helps you to fantastically fry anything that you wish to.

So if you are planning on replicating some KFC deep-fried chicken, or some hash brown potatoes at home, fill up your wok with the desired amount of oil, and watch it perfectly fry anything, from vegetables to chicken to shrimp!

2. Steam Up Your Dumplings

If you have a wok and have not used it to make an Asian meal, are you even making full use of your wok? Given the size of the wok, the vessel is a quintessential utensil for some steamed meal. The depth of the wok pan allows you to add another vessel inside it quickly. So if you are going for an Asian-themed dinner, let your wok do all the work! All you have to do is partly fill up the wok with some water and place a covered container in the center, partially submerged in the water. Once the water is hot enough, add the dumplings to the steamer and let them cook till they are soft.

3. Make a Snack-Popcorn!

The sloped sides of the wok make it easier for you to mix and stir the seasoning in it. So if you are hoping to make yourself some low-calorie evening snack, grab a wok and add 1-2 tablespoons of butter or vegetable oil and some seasoning. Once the wok is seasoned, add the popcorn kernels and heat the wok over medium flame. Once the popcorn kernels start to pop, cover the lid of the wok with a tight-fitting lid, and shake the vessel till the popping subsides. Now you can enjoy your perfectly healthy snack!

4. Eggs of Your Choice

A wok is an excellent vessel to make all sorts of eggs of your choice. If your wok is well-seasoned, there is no chance that the eggs will stick to the wok. So if you are planning on having some poached eggs for breakfast, feel free to whip that wok out and prep your egg, just as you would in a pan, pot, or skillet. A wok is also suitable to make scrambled or fried eggs!

5. Authentic Italian

Who does not love the idea of having some fantastic pasta for your next meal? Even though the wok is initially Chinese, you can always cook up some Italian delicacies in it!

The size and depth of a wok allow you to boil a substantial amount of pasta in it. And not just that, the great texture and surface area of the wok pan will enable you to make some awesome Bolognese sauce to go with your pasta for the night!

6. Braised-Beef

Last but not least, a wok is an ideal vessel to braise some delicious beef up! You can heat the meat in the pan itself and use the high sides of the wok to slowly stew the braised meat at a medium flame to get the perfect braised beef!


A wok is a much more diverse vessel than what people generally know of it. These cast iron utensils are incredibly versatile and make for excellent cooking equipment without much stress or worry.

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