8 Simple and Beautiful Condo Renovation Ideas

Times change and so does decor. Some styles come back, but you’ll be living in an outdated home for years if you wait for trends to return. Your best option is to renovate the condo, adding touches of modernity to the living space as you see fit.

However, planning a renovation can be overwhelming. The goal is to make it as painless as possible by tackling one area at a time. Work your way through your home and enjoy each project as it’s completed. Change is good and simple changes are great. Be proud of your renovation and have fun!

Renovations do cost money, but they can be simple if you follow these great tips. If you want to give your luxury condos for sale a facelift, then here are some great ideas for you. 

1. Kitchen

Your kitchen is a space where you spend lots of time in. For condos, they are really part of the main living space, so it’s the perfect place to get going on a renovation. The first thing to consider is colour. You probably don’t have much wall space, so it’s the cabinets we are talking about. Pick a colour that matches the theme you are going for and start painting. Remove the old hardware and opt for some new ones while you are at it.

If appliances are in the budget, go for a matching fridge, stove and dishwasher. While stainless steel has been popular for years, all black is striking. You can even match the cabinets so that they blend in. A new countertop makes a statement too. 

Also, you can change out the sink at the same time. While this extensive renovation seems complicated, the square footage is small, and it can be done pretty quickly.

2. Flooring

You may have some nice flooring already in the kitchen and living room. If you are looking for a simple do-over, consider engineered hardwood flooring. It is very easy and fast to install, so you can do your whole floor in a day. They click together with the help of a few tools and dramatically change the whole look of your place. 

The best part is they are installed over your old floor. If you have carpet, that will have to come out. However, it’s often worth the extra effort.

3. Lighting

Making changes to your light fixtures has a big impact. Most condos have a standard set of light fixtures in every unit and are not too impressive. You can go to your local home store and find something you like for an easy install. How about those lamps you’ve had for years? 

You can buy new ones or get new shades to change their look. This is a money-saver as well. Why not get more life out of them by dressing them up like new?

4. Furniture

Renovations include updating your furniture and this is also an opportunity to use a new configuration. Having a different layout makes things fresh and new. Plus, it helps you with decorating as well. You open up different wall spaces and floor areas where artwork and plants can live. 

If you like your old furniture, why not get some fresh fabric on them? It can be a DIY project or get the pros to do it. Then you don’t sacrifice the comfort you've enjoyed for years. It’s just a brand-new look.

5. Window Covering

A lot of condos have standard blinds that look ok. As long as you are renovating, it’s the perfect time to change those out for something different. You can install larger, wooden ones or remove them entirely and put up curtains. Layering curtains really adds a touch of class, especially tall ones that drape on the floor. Just adding lush curtains with the existing blinds takes your renovation up a notch.

6. New Trim

If you have painted your walls, adding new trim and baseboards makes your walls pop. Paint them white to make them stand out and upgrade the trim around the doors and windows with a fancy corner piece. Crown moulding looks great and is a simple way to make your home more elegant. You can also redo your fireplace mantle with wide crown moulding and a solid wood top.

7. Brick Wall

To get a modern and urban feel, you can easily put up a brick wall with stick on bricks. They come in panels and have various colours and textures to choose. Go for a stone veneer if you like too. It’s a cool look and one that will get people talking about. A great DIY project for sure!

8. Organization

Living in a condo is all about finding storage space. If you are doing a mini-renovation, why not add some built-in bookcases around the fireplace? Combining storage and design is an ideal arrangement. With lots of shelves, you can store books, knick-knacks and other ready-to-use items. In the bathroom, put a few floating shelves above the toilet. Even the kitchen could use a few shelves to house some live herbs and your favourite coffee mugs.

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