Concrete Stain vs Paint: Which One Should You Invest In?

You will have a hard time arguing with home experts about what is better concrete stain vs paint.

Because the answer isn't that simple, it depends on what result you desire.

Concrete stain isn't like paint. It embeds the surface and colors it translucently. While paint only covers the surface of the concrete. It makes paint vulnerable to chipping and peeling off.

Concrete stain dries quicker than paint. It takes way less work than paint. Stain got some issues as well. While it dries faster and takes less effort, it virtually offers no protection to your concrete. There are lots of concrete staining tips on The New York based researching site

On the other hand, paint protects your concrete from moisture. You may ask, "but you said paint peels off from wall" while it's real, but it's not the entire truth. There are many detailed processes about using paint the right way. If you do it correctly, then you won't face any of these issues.

The most important thing is where you use the product.

Concrete Stain

There are two basic types of stain. One is water-based. They dry off quickly. They are also pretty easy and straightforward to apply.

But they require sealant after stain. If you apply sealant, the stain won't fade.

The other type of stain is acid-based. Naturally, they react to the surface of the concrete. As they are more complicated, they offer fewer colors than water-based stains.

If you want to deepen the stain, then you need to apply a water-based stain more than once. As they dry off quickly, applying a second-time isn't an issue.

They provide a great variety to color the concrete and your floor. But they do not protect your concrete.

It would be best if you were extra careful when you work with acid-based stain; they can harm your skin and cause allergies. That's why face masks and hand gloves are a must when you work with them.

Concrete Paint

They are like a protective layer of the concrete. They protect and make your concrete look better at the same time.

But earlier, we mentioned they are not that easy to apply. It would help if you had a lot of prep work before you even begin to paint. It would be best if you used a degreaser to clean off any oil or grease from the concrete surface. Then you need to apply Muriatic acid to clean off any chemicals from the concrete surface.

Fair warning Muriatic is hazardous to breathe. Please wear safety/protection gear while working with it. Please leave it to professionals.

After you pain the concrete, you need to seal the concrete. You can do that by using a primer-sealer product. It protects your concrete and stops it from moisturizing. Just like the concrete stain, you can use concrete paints, both indoor and outdoor.

Epoxy Paints

Many companies have made epoxy that doesn't require prime or sealing the concrete before painting.

But you need to make sure the surface you are painting is clean. People love to use this type of paints in there garage. The reason is simple; it leaves behind a unique color with a shiny surface. If you take care of your floor, the paint can last a long time.

As they are chemical, they need extra care while you work. Make sure the room of decoration has enough ventilation.

Pros and Cons

Concrete stain is good for both indoor and outdoor. As long as you take decent care of them, they will do just fine. But we recommend you not to use them outside as they don't offer any protection from weather hazards.

As stains are translucent, they won't hide any flaws of the concrete. They will also add a "decorative touch" to the whole floor.

Concrete paints have their own decorative touch, and honestly, they have more options than the concrete stain. They are also good for places that need protection from outside calamities. Paint can stop your concrete from moisturizing. That way, the paint won't let any dust or debris to enter the concrete.

They are widely used to decorate the garage or outside walls of a building. Concrete paint is also suitable for basements where you hide damaged stains.

Epoxy paints are really similar to resins. Resins are shiny and leave a unique color after the process epoxy does that too.

They are the most suitable places where you do the heavy lifting, such as the garage, basement, etc.

As for cons, you already know that stains are not that durable but are one of the coolest looking. Paint requires a lot of prep work. Epoxy needs close attention, or else you may end up harming yourself. Acid-based stains are dangerous. You better hire a professional for that job.

If we are talking about durability, paint takes the cake. But if you are someone that prioritizes look over sustainability, stains are the way.

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