Best Way to Clean Laminate Flooring

Regular cleaning is critical in keeping your laminate flooring looking its best. However, without proper cleaning procedures, you can also damage the laminate flooring. This is why it’s vital to know how to clean and take care of your laminate flooring. But when we search for best possibles ways to clean laminate flooring, we do not get proper guideline about it. That’s why we come up with a proper guidance on laminate floor cleaning with tips and step by step procedure. Hope that will work for you.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring

So, before hit the main topic, we should know what is lamination and laminate flooring?

Generally, lamination is a process where a thin layer of plastic sheet is applied to a paper to protect it from getting damaged.  Laminate flooring is same short of thing. Here multi-layered flooring equipment like wood, melamine resin and fiber board material is laminated with a protective sheet to make the floor. That’s why it is called laminated flooring.

4 Best Ways to Clean Laminate Flooring

There are different methods to clean laminate flooring. However, not all of them are the best. To keep your laminate floor clean and looking its best, here are a few tips you should follow.

1. Sweeping 


Dust and grit can scratch and damage the finishing of your floor. Depending on traffic, you can sweep the floor once a day to several times throughout the day. When sweeping, a microfiber mop is the most advisable tool to use.

With the microfiber laminate floor mop, you can maximize on the dust and dirt you collect without causing further damage to the floor.

In addition to the dirt and dust, you should also make sure spills don’t hang around on the floor. Any spill has to be quickly removed from the floor to prevent damage.

2. Wet Mopping 

wet mopping

Once in a while, you will need to wet mop the floor for a deep clean. The regularity of wet mopping depends on how frequently the floor is used. For high traffic areas, you need to wet mop the floor more regularly.

Wet mopping laminate floor is quite easy. All you need is some warm water and dish soap. When using a mop, make sure you wring out as much of the water as possible. Leaving excess water on the floor could cause delamination, warping, swelling, and joint separation, shortening the longevity of the floor.  

Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads, steel wool, or a brush when cleaning the floor. When choosing cleaning detergents, avoid cleaners that contain chlorine and ammonia as these could alter the color of the floor. And one more thing, to avoid discoloration, please use mild detergents only.

3. Removing Stains

Removing Stains

Laminate floors handle stains relatively well. However, like all other floors, they are also subject to stains. Because of the delicate nature of the finish, removing stains from laminate floors can be a challenge.

There are two types of stains when it comes to laminate floors. They are regular and stubborn stains.

Regular Stains

Regular stains are easier to remove and don’t require much effort. A simple home-made solution of warm water, white vinegar, and dish soap can take care of most of these stains.

Before addressing the stain, you need to clean the floor as you regularly would. After cleaning the floor and mopping up an excess, use a cloth moistened with the above mixture to rub on the stain vigorously.

In most cases, you will need to repeat the process of rubbing several times before the stain is completely removed.

Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains caused by wine, dyes, ink, and grease require a more aggressive solution but one that will not damage the floor.

After cleaning the floor, wet a piece of cloth with alcohol or acetone and use it to rub on the stain. For oil-based stains, acetone is the best solution.

If you’re not sure which of the two to use, you can start with alcohol. If that doesn’t work, you can then try to use acetone. Make sure you have the appropriate protective gear when working with acetone.

For some liquid stains like goo, glue, and candle wax, it's best to let the stain dry out then use a credit card or a plastic scraper to scrape off the stain.

N.BYou should try this step carefully. Do not rub or scrape with too much force. It can damage your floor or lead to scratch sometimes.


Taking care of your laminate floor doesn’t have to be tedious or exhausting. With these few quick tips and tricks, you have everything you need to take care of everything on your laminate floor from everyday cleaning to handling the most stubborn stains.


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