Choosing a Proper Toilet for Your Aging-In-Place Family Member: Tips for Shoppers in 2021

We all want our loved ones to be able to age with as much grace and comfort as possible and continue living an independent life in familiar environments for as long as they can. However, the popular trend of recent years among senior citizens, aging in place is not void of unique challenges. There are modifications to one’s house to be made, remote monitoring devices to be installed, and medication management techniques to be implemented, to name just a few.

On the topic of home modifications, one of the most important aspects to consider is the use of bathroom facilities by an elderly person. Impaired vision, declining mobility, knee pain, and other joint-related problems – all these ailments make it difficult for older adults to use a toilet of standard height. So, when prepping the house for elderly residents, it is a good idea to equip the bathroom with one of comfort height toilets. This post will explain how to pick the right model that will make your loved ones feel comfortable.

5 Tips to Use When Choosing the Right Tall Toilet for Your Aging Relatives

While there aren’t any aging-in-place toilets just yet, some products today come really close to being labeled as such. These units have all the essential features one would expect to find in a toilet designed exclusively for seniors, including:

  • Comfortably tall height
  • Enhanced safety characteristics
  • Improved flushing performance
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Features for added comfort

Here is our list of top-5 things to keep in mind when choosing a toilet for your senior family members. Following these recommendations carefully will not only help improve their quality of life but will also guarantee their safety in the bathroom. 

1. Right Seat-to-Floor Height

The taller the toilet, the less bending down is required. The standard toilet height of 14.5” is not always comfortable for people with mobility issues or age-related health problems. By raising the height of the toilet seat to match the height of a standard kitchen chair (17-20 inches), you will make the whole experience much more enjoyable for your elderly loved ones.

This small modification will also allow you to improve the safety of bathroom visits for your aging-in-place relatives. Loss of stability and difficulty in maintaining balance are common problems for the elderly. Installing a high seat toilet in the bathroom will help reduce the risk of accidental falls and injuries while switching the position from standing to sitting and vice versa.

2. Improved Flushing Performance

Improved Flushing Performance

The last thing you want is for your aging family member to spend extra time in the bathroom, trying to remove the mess created by clogged-up drainage pipes. Choosing a toilet model with a powerful flushing system that can remove any type and amount of waste efficiently and quickly is key when remodeling your house to be senior-friendly.

If your budget affords it, consider buying a toilet with dual or triple flushing power. It will not only ensure superb efficiency of the unit but will also help reduce water consumption bills.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining proper toilet hygiene is essential for anyone’s health and well-being. However, older citizens often find it physically challenging to clean and disinfect the unit frequently. Luckily, many of these products today have the self-cleaning or easy-cleaning functionality that allows one to reduce the time and effort required to sanitize the toilet.

Choose a model designed with fewer nooks and crannies as there will be fewer places that trap dirt and harbor microbes. If possible, go for a concealed trapway toilet whose simple and sleek lines make cleaning less of a hassle. 

4. Reduced Water Consumption

Toilets with an ineffective flushing system design or an obsolete cleaning mechanism tend to use more water, which results in enormous water consumption bills at the end of the month. Choosing a product that needs less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush to remove any type of waste is a great investment that will help your elderly relative save money on utilities.

Toilets with dual flushing power are also a nice bargain for people seeking to pay less for their water consumption. Such models have two separate flushing options for removing liquid and solid waste.

5. Added Comfort Features

Comfort toilet

There are other useful upgrades and frills to consider when shopping for a toilet for your aging loved ones. They may include an in-built bidet system for a refreshing, hands-free cleaning experience; a heated seat feature that should make each bathroom visit more comfortable and convenient; a slow-close lid technology to reduce the amount of noise at nighttime.

Give Your Dearest the Best Care They Deserve

A tall, functional, and modern toilet can be a tremendous relief for elderly people who have difficulty standing up or sitting down. We hope that the tips outlined above will come in handy when you go shopping for the right toilet model. We also recommend having an honest talk with your aging relative to know what their individual needs are.

What do you do to ensure toilet safety and extra comfort for your aging-in-place family members? What other bathroom modifications are necessary, in your opinion? Speak up in the comments section and share this post with your friends!

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