How To Choose The Most Efficient Kickspace Heater For Home

A home needs a heating system to live comfortably, regardless of the weather.  To get that extra heat, people use space heaters, which in all likelihood results in higher electrical bills. As an alternative to this many use baseboard units, which would need a large amount of space, a big disadvantage for many. There is another option to choose- Kickspace heaters.

Kickspace heaters are a cost-effective solution for homes that need proper heating yet can't allow large space for it to be installed. Modern kickspace heaters are equipped to be useful for both hot and cold seasons, which make it an innovative appliance to have.

In this article, we will provide instructions on how to choose the most efficient kickspace heater for home.

How To Choose The Most Efficient Kickspace Heater For Home: 9 Exclusive Suggestings

A kickspace heater is cost-friendly, can be installed in small unused places and useful in both warm and cold weather. The pros of a kickspace heater outweigh its cons by a big margin. Now, some fundamental questions need to be answered before choosing a kickspace heater to buy. Follow a worthy kickspace heater buying guide for more information. Now, let’s discuss things to consider when buying a kickspace heater.

1. Safety

The first and foremost matter of an electrical appliance is safety. A safe system is a good system. Portable heaters can be a cause of many problems if not monitored properly, the worst-case would-be fire hazards. Therefore, safety has to be considered. Many manufacturers equip different features to prevent major problems.

Overheat protection such as High-temperature safety shut-off is an irreplaceable feature that serves as a sensor and turns off the power if it senses unsafe temperature. This is a must-have feature as it is the standard for most electrical devices in the market.

Moreover, some heaters even have dual overheat protection which is even more reliable. The internal shutdown switch is another common advanced safety feature in most kickspace heaters nowadays, which shuts down the power of the heater if it is knocked over.

2. Heating Capacity

One of the most important things to consider for a heater is the space the heater will be able to cover with its heating. The rule of thumb for heaters is to use 10 watts of power heat each square foot. Recent kickspace heaters have 1500 watts of power, so they can easily cover an average room of 150 square feet without any trouble. Depending on the room environment and heating technology, some heaters can cover even more space.

3. Size

The size of the kickspace heater is another matter to consider. Kickspace heaters come in different shapes and sizes. Common kickspace heaters are usually around 3.5”[H] x 15.4” [W].

4. Heating Efficiency

To maintain low heating costs, it is recommended to compare the efficiency of heaters. Kickspace heaters don’t have state of the art efficiency like modern AC systems. For this reason, it is important to choose the energy-efficient kickspace heater suitable for the room.

Additionally, some Kickspace heaters have energy-saving modes to ensure minimum energy usage when it’s not necessary. Some also have adjustable thermostats that maintain the desired room temperature. Modern kickspace heaters also have eco-modes to maintain appropriate heat level and won’t waste energy when the room is properly heated.

Multiple heat setting is another feature that can be found on kickspace heaters, where keeping the heater on low power setting can help conserve energy.

However, some kickspace heaters also come with programmable timers starting from minutes to hours; by using this feature heaters can be programmed to run for a specific amount of time then turned off to save energy. A kickspace heater which has some of these features will help to keep the electrical bills at a reasonable state.

5. Noise Level

Like most electrical appliances, kickspace heaters generate noise when operating. Proceeding to choose the model with an average noise level would be a good quality of life decision.

6. Place

The place where the kickspace heater will be installed is also another factor which will contribute to the decision making of selecting the right heater. Generally, kickspace heaters are installed in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, or stairwells.

The size, heating capacity, and wattage required for the kickspace heater will vary depending on where it will be placed. For example, hallways would need more heating capacity than a bathroom. Therefore, the installation place should also be kept in mind when choosing the kickspace heater to get.

7. Power Consumption

How much power a kickspace heater uses is another important matter which needs to be checked. A British Thermal Unit (BTU) score is used when to denote energy output. If a device's BTU evaluation isn't listed, it can be easily calculated using the below given formula:

Wattage score X 3.413 = BTU amount produced.

For instance, a 600-watt machine would produce 2,047 BTUs and a 1,200 watt heater would make approximately 4,095 BTU. Higher BTU rating ensures better heating performance.

8. Type

The two most common types of kickspace heater are - the Electric Toe-space heater and the Hydronic Kickspace heater. Hydronic kickspace devices are more professional because water has a more thermal conductivity than metal. However, these kinds of heaters are not easy to set up and provide lesser heating power.

9. Cost Analysis

Before choosing a model it would be a great thing to find out the monthly operating cost for a heating machine as it is a critical matter for heater selection. Operating expenses will differ depending on the heater model and room size.

Even so, some calculations can be done easily. For example, how many hours the machine will be in operation and how much kilowatts the machine uses per day. Multiplying that amount with 30 and the cost per kilowatt-hour results in the monthly usage for the heater.

Final Words

When selecting a heater machine for your dwelling, the main concerns are the size and technology of the space required to heat, operation costs, etc. After carefully considering all these criteria, the right kickspace heater for a specific room can be easily chosen.

In this article, we have tried to provide a detailed description of how to choose the most efficient kickspace heater for home. We ensure that after reading this article you will be able to choose a kickspace heater of your choosing without any trouble or confusion.


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