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Brown Spots After Carpet Cleaning

You just have your carpet professionally cleaned and now you are dealing with brown spots on it. This happens when you hire an inexperienced carpet cleaning company to do the job. There are reasons why your carpet is getting brown spots after cleaning:The technician left a very high pH level in your carpet after cleaningWicking […]

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Can You Use Canvas Drop Cloth For Painting?

Any professional painter will tell you how important drop cloths are in a painting job. In fact, they are just as important as paintbrushes and rollers. Canvas drop cloths can be used for painting. They are durable and thick to absorb paint drips while working.Some canvas drop cloths come with rubberized butyl backing. This ensures […]

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Why do You Need to Opt for Indoor Air Quality Testing Services in Jacksonville, FL?

Do your employees complain of strange smells in the workplace? Asthma or runny nose symptoms inside? One of the best steps towards resolving these concerns is obtaining the best indoor air quality testing Jacksonville, FL. You smell and see only certain contaminants, but there are several dangerous contaminants are odorless and colorless. It is impossible […]

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