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7 Ways To Deal With Old and Unwanted Upholstery

It feels so  refreshing to see your home’s upholstery arranged and designed to your taste and liking. You handpicked the furniture, got the curtains tailored, and now every color in the room compliments each other. You wouldn’t want to leave home, would you?Sadly, regardless of how much you invested in upholstery, it will eventually reach […]

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6 Best Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Furnishing a small room can be a challenge. When embarking on this task, you always want to make sure that every single furniture piece you place in the room is not only beautiful but serves a purpose too. Since there is no room to waste, make each item count.Before setting out to get any furniture […]

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What is So Special about a Herman Miller Chair?

There are some names in furniture design that stand out among the crowd. Many of today’s great designers are influenced by a particular design movement that burst onto the scene around 100 years ago. This was the Modern movement led by a designer from the Bauhaus school of design in Germany. Great names such Ludwig Mies […]

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