Can You Use Canvas Drop Cloth For Painting?

Any professional painter will tell you how important drop cloths are in a painting job. In fact, they are just as important as paintbrushes and rollers. Canvas drop cloths can be used for painting. They are durable and thick to absorb paint drips while working.

Some canvas drop cloths come with rubberized butyl backing. This ensures that the drop cloth grips the floor and prevents the paint from soaking through the drop cloth.

Canvas drop cloth comes in various weights—the more the weight, the better the quality. If you are a messy type of painter, you know which one is better for you. The heavier canvas drop cloth is also durable and resistant to tearing as it is woven tightly.

Canvas drop cloths are ideal for making wall arts. If you are thinking of using them to create one, here are a few steps to get you started.

How To Use A Canvas Drop Cloth To Make Wall Art

1. Gather The Tools

You will need a canvas drop cloth, wooden canvas frame, tape measure, scissors, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, and acrylic paint gesso primer.

2. Measuring And Cutting

Measure your canvas frame and cut the drop cloth larger than the size of your canvas frame. Add at least four inches more to the sides.

3. Assembling

Once you have cut the drop cloth, stretch it on the frame, ensuring it lies evenly, and staple the excess part at the back of the wooden frame. Ensure the canvas drop cloth stays tight and smooth.

4. Primer

Use paint rollers to cover the canvas drop cloth with gesso primer. Make sure you have covered a large space. Priming canvas creates a smooth surface to work on, as well as preventing paint absorption.

5. Paint

Get your acrylic paint and show your creativity! Also, keep close any important materials that you may need during painting. You can get painting ideas online and come up with your original piece. After painting, let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Canvas Drop Cloth Project Idea

1. Teepee

Create a decorative teepee playhouse for your kids with a canvas drop cloth. You can even let them have more fun by decorating it by themselves. Go for washable paint if you want to change the design later.

2. Window Treatment

You can make your window curtains more appealing just by using drop cloths! Easy, affordable, and durable!

3. Rugs

Whether indoor or outdoor, beautiful rugs are always attractive. They are also a beautiful way to cover cracks and stains on your floor. Use a little spray sealer to keep the color fresher.

4. Table Cloth

You can use canvas cloth to dress your dining room stylishly by creating super elegant paints on them. All you need is a canvas drop cloth and enough time to turn creativity into productivity.


You can always turn your creativity into something big! Some projects are simple and best done by you. But others require professional help.


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