5 Questions To Ask When Building A Garage

Choosing to replace an older detached structure or build a new one is not an easy decision. When you start to research different contractors and compile quotes, it is crucial to have a clear vision of what you intend to build and why you intend to build it.

We encourage you to research and educate yourself throughout the process. This investment can not only you’re your storage needs and enhance your curb appeal, it also has potential to increase the overall value of your property.

A detached garage of high-quality is so much more than a roof with four walls; As such, determining what your needs are and how you wish to best use the space prior to getting started is essential.

Questions For Your Builder:

1. What Purpose will Your New Detached Garage Serve?

It is important to inform your builder of the purpose of the structure during your initial meeting with them.

Your vision for your project and what your municipality will allow may not be one in the same.

Do you seek to include storage above the garage or are you looking for additional space in order to fit more cars into your garage?  Or perhaps leaving it the same size? If this space will be used as a hobby or work space, there might be some issues with electrical or plumbing that must be tackled.

2. What are Your Local Zoning Ordinances, Restrictions and Requirements?

Tear downs of existing structures or the building of new ones might need permission from your local municipality prior to execution. These additional requirements have been placed to make sure that you are safely complying with current codes. Prior to moving forward on such a significant investment, it is essential to be aware of the modifications or actions necessary in order to build a new garage on your property.

The permit application process will let you and your builder know exactly which regulations and restrictions (height and size limitations, etc.) your municipality enforces in your area.  In order to avoid fines or the project being stopped or having to be completely dismantled, your builder must comply with these ordinances. 

3. What does Your Builder's Estimate Include?

Keep in mind, a detached garage needs to be much more than a roof and four walls; for this reason, as you collect estimates, it is crucial to inquire as go, what is included by each builder with each garage they build and what your choices will be for your project.

Elements like the available types of shingles and siding, the garage door, and the roof style should be included and described in the estimate provided. Details like garage floor epoxy, gutters and downspouts, and a weather wrap, should be taken into consideration.

It is important to know how the builder intends to protect your investment’s integrity. Additionally, a warranty should be considered and discussed along with what it covers.

4. Will Your Existing Driveway Need to be Enlarged or Relocated?

If you are thinking about relocating your existing structure to another area on your property, the relocation or extension of your driveway may be necessary. In cases where garages are being built bigger, the driveway may also require enlargement in order to accommodate additional garage entrances and vehicles.

A driveway might not be necessary if the rebuild is taking place where an alley garage currently exists.

5. What is Your Approximate Budget?

The more customized details a garage contains, the more money it will cost in the end. During the planning phase of the project, it is crucial to decide which are your priorities for the build and what amount you are prepared to spend in order to accomplish it.

The builder you select should include in your estimate the cost of the garage construction, in addition to any fees that may be charged by the municipality. Although hidden costs may arise during the process, it is essential to make sure that no hidden costs or fees are included.

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