Brown Spots After Carpet Cleaning

You just have your carpet professionally cleaned and now you are dealing with brown spots on it. This happens when you hire an inexperienced carpet cleaning company to do the job. There are reasons why your carpet is getting brown spots after cleaning:

  • The technician left a very high pH level in your carpet after cleaning
  • Wicking due to the carpet not being appropriately dried after cleaning. When the carpet gets wet from cleaning, the fiber’s deeper parts absorb all the excessive moisture. After a few days, if not dried properly, they begin pushing up the moisture to the carpet’s surface, carrying along with dirt and soil from the bottom of the carpet

How to Avoid Brown Spots

Prevention is better than dealing with the aftermath. Here are some tips to help you avoid carpet browning.

  • If you are cleaning by yourself: ensure you use the right cleaning agents. Also, ensure your carpet has dried up completely before using it. This is why you need a wet vacuum, and use it according to the manufacturer’s directions
  • If you are hiring a professional: since almost every cleaning professional knows what carpet wicking after cleaning is, it can be hard to choose the best one. The best way is to rely on reviews and stay away from carpet cleaners whom previous clients have left complaints about carpet wicking after they have provided their services.

How to Clean Brown Spots After Carpet Cleaning

1. Gather the things you will need: Have a low pH cleaner, deep cleaning brush, wet vacuum, and towels.

2. Spray the cleaner on the brown spots and deep brush the area. If you think you need to add the cleaner, go ahead and do so. The more you clean the spot deeper into the fibers of the carpet, the better.

3. Dry the area using wet vacuums and a towel. This is the most important step that if you do it without much care, the spots may reappear after a few days. First, vacuum the carpet to dry it. Ensure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it so that you get the best results. Secondly, put the dry towels on top of the cleaned area and leave them there for a day. Ensure the towel is in contact with the carpet by adding something heavier on top of it.

4. If browning still appears on your carpet, you can repeat the process until the spots disappear. Another alternative is to involve a professional carpet cleaning company that knows how to do the job.


Brown spots after carpet cleaning can be so annoying when you don’t know how to deal with them. However, it is not a big issue if you have the right information to take care of them. But before you get to this point, you can always prevent it from happening by hiring the best carpet cleaning company.


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