The Easiest Way to Clean Gutters: A Complete Guide

Gutters are one of the toughest parts of a house to clean. Because of their location, you will almost always need to climb up a ladder. Unfortunately, cleaning gutters is risky.Half a million Americans suffer from ladder-related injuries annually. About 97% of these accidents occur at home or in farms.With all the cleaning tools you […]

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9 Ideas to Make Use of Your Spare Room

A spare room is often a space in your home which you seldom utilize. The reasons could be the location (ex:-basement), reduced ventilation, poor air circulation, etc. Your family utilizes the other rooms entirely.  Yet, you may find something is missing! It could be space for entertainment, recreation, relaxation, or just to chill out with […]

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Home Improvement: Are Foundation Cracks Normal?

As a diligent homeowner, you have probably implemented measures to prevent basement flooding with the sole aim of preventing foundation damage. This could be installing gutters appropriately to drive water away from your foundation, but to your surprise, you find a crack on your foundation.Typically, your heart will skip a beat but should foundation cracks […]

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