Best Material For Exterior Shutters That You Should Know

You had better make a wise decision when it comes to the material of exterior shutters for windows. Why is it so important?

The exterior house shutters are not mere decor to your house. The primary function of them is to protect your home from harsh weather conditions and intruders. Hence, do not forget to choose the most durable material for the window shutters.

Follow me to discover the best material for exterior shutters now!

Four Types Of Exterior Shutters


paneled shutter

The paneled shutter may make you think of doors or kitchen cabinets with one or two raised panels, as they look nearly the same.

This type of shutter is suitable for a variety of architectural styles, including Georgian, Cape Cod, Ranch, French Country, etc.

Board and Batten

Board and Batten shutters

Board and Batten, also known as BnB shutters, usually comes as a thin cross panel which joins one to three boards together. Does it sound too simple to you?

Simplicity is what makes BnB exterior shutters stand out from the crowd. It has a rustic and classic appearance that goes well with Ranch, French Country, and Mediterranean style.


louvered shutters

You can recognize the louvered shutters easily due to their angle slats, which allows sunlight to pass through. Similar to the panel shutters, this low-profile shutters fit classical or casual houses best, for example, Georgian, Revival, Federal second story.


Bermuda shutters

People sometimes refer to Bermuda enclosures by the name of Bahama. There is not much difference between Bermuda shutters and louvered shutters except for the fact that the former is attached at the top of the windows instead of the sides.

This type of shutters is ideal for the houses with  Cape Cod, Cottage, or Ranch style.

Fun fact, Bermuda shutters are widely popular in tropical regions to shield the windows from storms.

How To Choose The Best Material For Exterior Shutters

Choose The Best Material For Exterior Shutters

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Your ultimate choice will depend on a number of factors, including:

Where You Live

The weather conditions vary depending on the location of your house. If you live in a peaceful town where the storm rarely strikes, feel free to put the aesthetic factor as the number one priority.

How Much You Can Afford

A variety of materials come with a different price range. You need to know your budget to decide on a suitable item for your exterior window shutters.

What Function Of The Shutters You Need Most

Each kind of material excels in a specific purpose. Some protect your home from hurricanes, while others are designed only for decoration. Therefore, determining what you need shutters for will lead you to the right decision.

Common Choices For Exterior Shutters

Choices For Exterior Shutters


The first name on our list today is aluminum exterior shutters. We highly recommend it for those who live in a humid climate as it does not rot, crack, or warp under the sun. The material can withstand multiple kinds of weather, including hurricanes and storms.

Other benefits include affordable price as well as the classic look. However, you need to provide the shutter with periodical maintenance.


This is a more budget-friendly option, but there are some common issues. For example, it tends to stain or yellow over time once exposed to direct sunlight. Also, it is more prone to cracking and splitting. Worst of all, common repairs are rarely applicable to vinyl shutters.

Well, the vinyl is not that bad as you think. Some people still go for vinyl as it is lightweight and suitable for weak exterior construction.


People have made use of wood exterior shutters for ages, and it remains a popular material until these days.

The best characteristic of wood is the classic beauty it offers the whole house. Plus, they are sturdy and can be hinged at ease.

However, it can absorb moisture, which leads to rot problems over time. This is the main reason why some homeowners hesitate to choose wood for their windows exterior.

Why Should You Choose Composite Exterior Shutter

Composite exterior shutters, also known as engineered wood, are made of medium-density fiberboard. There are two main types of this material, including wood composite and PVC composite.

Composite Exterior Shutter

Wood Composite

This is an excellent stand-in for natural wood as they are made as an imitation. The appearance and the feel are nearly the same. Plus, the wood composite shutters are lower-priced than the natural one.

However, the outer coat of this material will eventually split or crack. Moisture problems are another concern the composite is not entirely resistant to weather.

PVC Composite

This is the similar material as wood composite, except for the fact that it is encased in a PVC coating. The PVC composite shutters possess some crystal-clear benefits that few can compare to.

First off, they do not rot, crack, or split. You heard it right, the material never absorbs moisture, so rot is not an issue to worry about. The shutters are sturdy, and you can hinge them effortlessly to protect your windows.

Also, unlike wood composite, you can paint PVC composite in any color you like.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, composite exterior shutters are excellent materials to keep your house well maintained and protected. Next time when you choose the best material for your windows, let’s consider wood or PVC composite shutters. Installing window shutter is not a simple process, you have hire professional shutter fitting services.

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