How To Choose The Best Fireplace Glass

Home renovations can be a fun project to improve your house for the better, but It can also be one of the most stressful activities if you’re unprepared. When you decide to do a home renovation, you have to plan for a lot of things - what colour goes well with your existing couch, or what cabinet material you’re going to choose. One of the more challenging choices you have to make is choosing the best fireplace glass for your home.  

Fireplace glass can have a big impact on the functionality and aesthetic of your fireplace and the room around it. You have to take into consideration your home’s energy efficiency and you also have to think about safety. Every year, many lives are tragically lost due to fire and property damage. 

One of the ways to prevent this is by installing a fireplace glass door. Your choice of fireplace glass can also make a big difference in your home’s energy bills. This is particularly true if you live somewhere like British Columbia when cold weather really has you using your fireplace frequently to heat your home. If you have an existing fireplace glass door but is broken, its best to have them replaced. Van Isle Glass suggests getting a glass technician trained to do the replacement. 

Consider Energy Efficiency

You might want to consider getting a fireplace glass door that has energy efficient qualities. Some of the glass available would be thermal glass. Thermal glass doors would provide an excellent way to regulate the temperature of your house.

Go for Quality

Of course, when you’re doing a renovation, you’d want everything to fall seamlessly into place. Often, this results from compromising in quality. When it comes to fireplace glass doors, always think of high-quality glass first. Take note that the glass thickness is not an indication of high quality. If you want to make sure, always go for a trusted installer. Your local glass supplier can suggest frosted glass and patterned glass designs but always insist on getting the one with the highest quality.  

Shatter-Free Glass

Remember, you are going to use the glass on the fireplace. The heat and cracking of fire logs can cause poor quality glass to shatter. So, when getting a fireplace glass door, it’s best to get tempered glass. Also known as safety glass, tempered glass is the smartest choice you can make for your fireplace glass. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than untreated glass. Aside from being extremely durable, tempered glass crumbles into pebble-like pieces with dull edges rather than shattering into dangerous shards of glass.

Smudge Free Quality

When choosing a fireplace glass, ask about its smudge quality. The fire inside the fireplace can cause dark smudges. You would have to constantly clean it so get the easy to clean fireplace glass. This goes without saying that this characteristic can be often seen in high-quality glass materials. 

Installation and Fitting

When it comes to fireplace glass, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. Sometimes DIYing it can only cost you more since you have to properly install it. Besides, the cost of installation is often less compared to all the trouble you would have to go through. 


If you are already decided that you are going to go for a fireplace glass door for your home renovation, there is one last thing that you have to check before you proceed. Don’t ever forget to check the local building code in your area. You have first to know if certain restrictions can affect your home renovation project.

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